The issue of protocol reception for the heads of FMS by the Federal Government officials was raised during TFG Administration, at least, by those of us, who were available, on the sidelines, to offer an advice to the Government.

While we were at it, the President of Puntland, General Adde, flew to Mogadishu to meet with Abdullahi Yusuf and Mohamed Ali Geedi then. We suggested that a number of TFG ministers receive the President of Puntland. Mohamed Dheere was the Governor-Mayor at the time. He went to the airport to receive the General on his own.

In this case, the FGS obviously considers Banadir Governor, Omar Flish, to be the Counter-Part to a President of a FMS, since Banadir Region was a party to FGS-FMSs negotiations. In this context, I think there is nothing inappropriate in today’s Mogadishu receptions. It could be a bit better upon goodwill by the FGS.

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