October 27, 2019
The Ordinary Session of Puntland House of Representatives opens on schedule. Every peaceful session of the House is a victory and progress for the people and government of Puntland.
Usually, the House Session starts with an Opening Ceremony full of speeches by dignitaries, citations and adoption of legislative agenda of the session. 
What happened yesterday in the Opening Session was out of the ordinary. The Opening Session turned into unscheduled aggressive “question period”. It looked like preemptive strike or ambush by some members of the House against the President. Gentlemen and ladies, it doesn’t work that way.
The Opening Session of the House invites guests, both foreign and local, and it is purely ceremonial for Day One. It is not appropriate for any member of the House to disregard the norms and regulations of the House and turned it into fight with the State President on the first day of the session.
Nevertheless, and under the circumstance, President Deni answered well the member’s provocative questions directly attacking the President  The President, however, seemed to have lost his cool and had stormed out of the Session prematurely and angrily. The President should be the last person to show personal emotions. Yes, he should act in self-defense calmly, appreciative of his position as the Head of the State and Head of the Government. When a President gets annoyed, half of the population gets angry.
Puntland House members should learn the protocols and parliamentarian rules. Question Period is very important to bring the Executive branch into  account, it must be, though, scheduled and properly conducted.

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October 18, 2019


The postponement of ICJ hearing of the case until June 2020 is at least suspicious, if not already a breach of public trust. I believe this is the 2nd ICJ postponement of the hearing. But, this time, the situation is different with a cloud of suspicion as what has transpired between Somalia and Kenya under the mediation efforts by the new Nobel Peace Laureate, Prime Minister Abyi Ahmed of Ethiopia.

It looks that a deal on the case has been struck to postpone the ICJ hearing to an unacceptable long period before its suspension and eventual withdrawal from the Court altogether.

President Farmaajo must go live urgently to address this issue and the subsrance of his latest interactions with President Uhuru of Kenya, IGAD Mediation Team and Prime Minister Abyi Ahmed of Ethiopia on the case. There is a rotten fish to smell, so to speak.

Somali people are stunned by the silence of President Farmajo on his multiple secret MoUs, agreements and treaties with Ethiopia. This is very discomforting.


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N&N POLITICAL ROADMAP DISCOVERED. Read this article for free.

September 26, 2019

Briefly explained, the “Political Roadmap” of Farmaajo-Khayre fledgling Federal Government (Federal by name only) consists of the following stages:

  1. Return to power 2020/21 by any means necessary;
  2. Dismantle and destruction of the Federal Member States in former Italian Somalia;
  3. Negotiations with former British Somaliland on a “New South-North Federalism”.

Somali observers believe that N&N Regime is already succeeding in the implementation of that bold Policy Roadmap with the elemination of resistance from Southwest State, Galmudugh and Hirshabelle, thus  the hard nuts to crack becoming Puntland and Jubaland. Jubaland is being tackled with right now, Puntland has been infiltrated at both civil society and political establishment levels. There are many people from Jubaland and Puntland states openly supporting N&N wild anti-federalist and destructive policies. These supporters constitute core supporters and base, who would prop up and follow N&N Government treasonous policies no matter what, acting in the same manners the hardened base supporters of US President Donald Trump.

Now that the N&N policy Roadmap is decoded, WDM readers, and Somali people as whole, could understand the strange behavior of President Farmaajo and Prime Minister towards Federal Member States. This is also the reason behind the purging of Puntlanders from Federal Public Service, and replacing them with personnel of Somaliland origin. 

The Administration of “Somaliland” is in complicit in the implementation of this N&N Policy Roadmap, though indirectly, in two ways:

  1. Support to Al-Shabab terrorist operations in Southern Somalia, thus denying security and stability in South-Central Somalia.
  2. Dismantle of Federal Member States

Have you ever heard the leaders of “Somaliland” condemning N&N destructive actions and abuses against Jubaland, Southwest, Galmudugh and Hirshabelle? Why, after all these are Somalis, whose human rights are being violated by regime supposed to protect them? Think about it.

Don’t be surprised if N&N Government cuts a deal with Kenya on the Maritime Dispute at expense of Jubaland to get rid of Jubaland resistance to N&N wild and adventurist Political Roadmap.

Stay tuned for more.


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July 24,2019

Isn’t his speech treasonable, breach of public trust and outright violation of the Federal Constitution? Whom is he accountable to? Doesn’t he speak for the entire Federal leadership? With that gross violation of the Constitution, how come is he still a Federal Cabinet Member of Farmaajo-Khayre Government? Isn’t that a clear proof of the FGS engaged in unraveling the fundamental law of the land? What other proof does someone need to convict the Somalia’s Federal leadership of treason and national betrayal?

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