October 3, 2019

Could anybody pinpoint the policy objectives of Puntland Government on the way forward locally and nationally? If you can do, share these policy goals with us.

I don’t see a Policy Paper on what Puntland State is doing or intends to do for all its residents to know and work towards achieving these objectives involving socio-economic targets; formulating State policy towards the rogue policies of the Federal Government; General Election 2020/21; its relationships and coordination with other Federal Member States; working with international partners and organizations; security and stability of Puntland State, among other issues of vital importance.

Puntland State seems unable or reluctant to formulate adequately a coherent policy on her political differences with the Mogadishu Regime, thus creating a confusion in the minds of Puntland people as from whom they take the political lead in going forward with regards to Somali national and local affairs. It looks that the State is in permanent political limbo situation. This is isn’t acceptable as it is dangerous – citizens not knowing where their country is heading to, how to help the State and what to hope for.

President Said Abdullahi Deni and his administration officials should know that the status quo is no longer acceptable, and that Puntland couldn’t stay put to wait for something happening to her, instead of Puntland State leading something to happen and shaping its future and that of Somalia.

There should be a White Paper on Puntland’s political objectives and actions to back them up. This should come out upon studies and thoughtful deliberations to produce serious policy alternatives on pressing issues of the State and Somalia. There should be mass communication strategy to inform Puntland general public and that of the people of Somalia and international community. Get the confusion and dilemmas out of the way. Puntland shouldn’t be playing Proverbial Ostrich.

“Finally, it is highly recommendable to recall all Puntland representatives, members of Federal Parliament and the Senate to come home for urgent consultations as a first step to work out a new Puntland strategic policy”




August 19, 2019

President Said Abdullahi DENI of Puntland doesn’t behave or act like an economist, or even a businessman. From the outset of his administration, he is creating the largest government bureaucracy in the history of PUNTLAND State. He has already become the talk of the town as the biggest employer in the locality. How would he pay for this cumbersome goverment bureaucracy?

The sheer size and weight of his highly duplicated personnel leave no room for efficiency and accountability? Are these political appointments planned in the Annual Budget? Are these appointments notified to the Account-General and Auditor-General? Are these appointments discussed in Cabinet Sessions? Are these appointments being proposed by the heads of relevant government departments?

The Presidential Decrees appointing all these new officials are simplistic and poorly prepared documents, citing no references of specific articles of the Puntland Constitution, details of experience of appointees, credentials or qualifications of appointees, references to curricula vitae, job descriptions for positions or vacancies or openings to fill in. Look at latest Presidential Decrees- they read like a writing prepared by a teen-ager at first year of an intermediate school, devoid of any convincing reasons for these government appointments.

This happens when there is no an Independent Civil Service Commission.

The problem is that large government and bureaucracy lead to severe budget deficits and that, in turn, paves the way to under-development and cuts of funding to social services and public security. You cannot afford to do that under the current Somalia’s political climate and volatility.

President DENI should change course and immediately.