August 4, 2019

Have you noticed what is happening with Puntland youth lately?

They are re-awkened to re-claim their history and heritage. They aren’t being deceived by N&N Facebook propaganda any more. This is happening owing to several factors:

1. 21st Anniversary Celebrations of Puntland and the leading participation youth undertook had played a critical role

2. Creative essays, Puntland TV-RADIO interviews on the history of Puntland and the struggle of its people contributed to this youth re-awakening.

3. New leaders of Puntland got the message about the cultural, political and security threats the State of Puntland was facing, thus re-engaging Puntland Youth.

4. Some political and civil society leaders have been holding gatherings to address the concerns of youth and the problems of misleading, misinformation and dangerous indoctrination of Puntland youth.

These are important steps towards stability and progress. But, the Lotta Continua.