September 29, 2019

If an election were held in Puntland today, whom do you think would vote in support of N&N?
It isn’t a wild guess work, but a predictable scenario based on keen observation on the mood, utterings and attitudes of sections of the Puntland population.

  1. Historically, there were portions of the population in the State, who are uncomfortable with the numerical superiority of the Majertain sub-clan groupings. These would vote N&N at expense of Puntland interest.
  2. There are young and politically naive social media fans, who know neither the history of Puntland struggle nor what N&N stands for.
  3. There are people, who fell victim to Dr. Ali Khalif Galayr’s type of hate speech directed at Puntland  State.

Consequently, all these groups are turning out to be anti-federalists and anti-self-government in their campaign to discredit the formation of federal member states in favor of a strong N&N led central government, even dictatorship from Mogadishu.

Historically, this political culture of hatred towards certain sections of Northeastern population had been cultivated and developed by the former military regime of Siyaad Barre. President Farmaajo is a product and student of that repressive regime. This is Farmaajo’s basis for purging Puntlanders from Federal Public Service, exactly in the same way Siyaad Barre did then. That is why Puntland students are being punished for belonging to the wrong Federal Member State. He isn’t learning from recent Somali political history. As he got chance and a shot at Somali politics, he didn’t know enough persons of Puntland origin. As TFG Prime Minister, he was compelled to tap someone seemingly from Northeastern Regions of Somalia. He placed his bet on Abdiweli Mohamed Ali (Gaas), his fellow resident of US Buffalo NY State, the only one person he knew from Majertain, and also Gaas was former resident of Dusa-Mareeb in Galgaduud Region of Central Somalia, where Farmaajo sub-clan family hails from. President Farmaajo now thinks that even Abdiweli Gaas had betrayed him as the former had lost the Somali Prime Ministership to the latter.

Given the situational analysis of Puntland, any administration in Puntland ought to study and pay attention to these societal contradictions, as it should address any real or perceived grivances harbored by certain sections of Puntland residents, including Somali IDPs.



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Garowe, June 13, 2019

Ismailwarsame.blog, the new Internet media service, came about amid absence of objective exposition and critical analysis of important socio-economic issues in Somalia. It is about fearless and fair treatment of matters impacting upon lives and country here. It is unbiased reporting that you can rely on and believe in, for it is a genuine source of unfiltered information. It is about setting the record of political developments in Somalia straight with critical eyes without fear from anyone, or favor to someone. It is about critical analysis and take of issues you need to know, not those you want or like. It is a rare media of freedom of expression and imagination in the country. It is an ethical media, which doesn’t engage in libel and unduly provocations.


The appearnce of Ismailwarsame.blog in the media is long overdue. It is here now to serve you with facts, unbiased, and uncensored, talking truth to power. Please, welcome on-board and stay tuned.


All we ask you here is to remain open-minded and critically examining, for as Socrates said, “an unexamined life is not worth living”



With all the love, enjoy the journey in search of rationale and true story-telling.



Galkayo, May 31, 2019 – A number of my readers at Ismail Warsame Blog asks me why I write my articles in English, a 2nd foreign language I had picked up in life, together with Russian and Arabic along with a working tongue of Italian. The issue is made more complicated by the claim of Somali language specialists and anthropologists, both foreign and native like Late Prof. I.M. Lewis (RIP), pictured here with me (2nd from left) and Prof and Somali linguist, B. W. Andrzejewski (RIP), (forgive me for not naming just a few of the well known scholars of Somali literature and history, that it is so poetic, romantic and richer tongue that only few languages of the world could compete it in literature prowess. But, this sticking question from my readers further increases the intensity of my guilty feeling for not utilizing my own native tongue to express myself better. Frankly, I sometimes find myself numb in answering the question, for there is no easy answer to satisfy the questioners as to what is my reasoning behind writing in a foreign language. In fact, the reasons are many and may be still implausible to many of my unconvinced audiences. Among my justifications, include: 1. A writer needs wider audiences and circulation to reach. 2. Hundreds of thousands of people of Somali origin are born overseas, live and work abroad. They don’t use Somali as a working medium. 3. Many existing Somali internet websites don’t use standard, thoughtful texts in Somali and that turned readers off, not reading articles beyond a few lines in the first paragraph. Just the opposite, Somali texts nowadays frighten readers, including myself. Huge and careless Facebook entries, violating all rules of Somali grammar play a leading role in Somali language destructive campaign. 4. That low standard of unschoolled writing, indicating the extent of deterioration happening to the Somali language over the years in a stateless environment makes it difficult to understand today’s authors of Somali articles. 5. That is why most Somalis, who don’t utilize any foreign language, prefer listening to audio/video clips. They also like more to read about events and news rather than browsing for thought-provoking and critical articles. 6. I have been testing my readers by occasionally writing articles in Somali, and the results were very disappointing. 7. My Somali readers are also not taking into account that ismailwarsame.blog have been attracting many foreign readers as well, and I suspect that they don’t want to be cut off. In conclusion, perhaps, some of you may understand me for choosing English as my language of communication out of necessity.

Thank you,

Ismail Warsame

BlogPostscript: I would recommend to my Somali readers to use the Google Translator to get a rough meaning of the contents of any article.