July 20, 2019

Lately, the Kenyan Government has been engaged in robust diplomatic offensive aimed at compelling Somalia to enter into negotiations in regards to its maritime dispute with Somalia in order to extort out of court settlement deal. Kenya has left no stone unturned in its aggressive diplomatic outreach to apply pressure on Somalia’s authorities. The stakes are high for both Somalia and Kenya. The issue is about the ownership of Somali Indian Ocean oil and gas rich water triangle off the coast of Kismayo.

Kenya has no solid legal grounds for her claims to enable her win this case at ICJ. Kenyan leaders and diplomats are hell-bent to device multifaceted diplomatic strategy that is evolving on daily basis to gain more friends in order to corner Somalia and isolate this country within the African Union.

Kenyan diplomatic strategy may be working, but it has little effect on the ICJ forthcoming ruling. Thus, Kenya puts her bet on targeting Somalia in four ways:

1. To curtail Somalia’s access to Nairobi business and diplomatic hub

2. To persuade enough African countries to put pressure on Somalia

3. To act from a position of strength as Kenyan Defence Forces KDF are in Somalia as part of AMISOM.

4. To disseminate false, misleading and misinformation about Somalia

All Kenyan efforts would come to a nought, if Somalia’s leaders don’t blink first.

This delegation led by former President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, himself a former South African refugee-rebel in Somalia during his country’s struggle against Apartheid Regime, is just another example of Kenya’s aggressive diplomatic posturing. It wouldn’t work, if Somalia stays strong and steadfast.


(Photo credit: Googjoog)