July 31, 2019
Puntland Government risks collapsing on its own bureaucratic weight. The State is too small to have a large government and too poor to have a cumbersome bureaucracy she can’t afford. Puntland needs small and efficient government and streamlined civil servants and security forces. Too many one-person departments and over-lapping responsibilities in most ministries are recipe for failure and eventual collapse of the state. Do something about it now to prevent the total collapse of a pending catastrophe.
Puntland Federal Member State has much more inefficient bureaucracy than the Federal Government of Somalia. This is going to be unsustainable.

There are many factors affecting this bad state of affairs. Remove these obstacles to a better and competent government in Puntland:

1. Absence of knowledgeable and thoughtful leaders to evaluate and appreciate the problem. It is strange and absurd practice for the president of a state to have a free hand and become the only recruiting emploment officer in the country. BY the way, that is one of the main reasons as to why Puntland is “Madax-Ka-Nool.

2. Unilateral and exclusive discretion of the presidency for civil service appointments without due consideration to budgetary and financial implications of creating such wanton bureaucratic mess, and without any appreciation for quality, competence and merit.

3. Absence of an independent public service commission. Let the Public Service Commission fill in non-political employment vacancies on public competition and merit.

4. Absence of bugetary over-sight by independent Auditor-general and Accountant-General regarding personnel appointments.

5. Rubber-stamp House of Representatives too ignorant to engage in check and balance exercise of power

6. Pressure on the presidency from sub-clans to insert incompetent clan members into the system.

7. High rate of unemployment among the general public, and government seen as the biggest employer.

8. Prevalence of mostly family businesses in private sector too reluctant and suspicious to recruit employees on merit and competency beyond family and clan membership.

9. Puntland chronic problem regarding delays in salary and wages is due to this out of control man-made bureaucratic conundrum and thoughtless duplication of personnel appointments.
Fix the mess with the appointment of an Independent Public Service Commission and flash out all aging and incompetent personnel in Puntland Government Ministries, agencies and security forces. Streamline and simplify all government opparatus and operations. Eliminate unnecessary ministries and ministers. This requires bold decisions and leadership to confront the pressure and demands from Puntland sub-clans. People will eventually accept reason and fair play.