November 9, 2019

The Federal Government of Somalia, and to greater extent, the Federal Independent Election Commission, have failed to work out a credible, participatory and transparent electoral model for the pojected 2020/21 elections, and N&N’s way is not only secretive and suspicious, but also solidly impractical as it would be illegitimate as well. Extension of term in office for this divisive government is unacceptable. Doing nothing until the current government expires is not an option, if not amount to criminal negligence.

The alternative is commencing now preparatory works for holding People’s Congresses in all Federal Member States to elect their respective members of the Federal Parliament on time, who would subsequently elect the national leaders of Somalia for the next mandate. This is as practical as it is a legitimate option to produce representative government.

Inaction and indifference on the part of the Federal Member States to move the electoral process forward is irresponsible in this regard.


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