Garowe, May 26, 2019

Have you noticed what was happening to the Capital City of Puntland State of Somalia, Garowe, lately?

Well, if you didn’t, then you aren’t giving much thought to a better Capital City.

Where are the loitering, City garbage-eating and nightly noise-making goats? They are either slowly disappearing, perhaps, into the homes of their negligient and lazy owners, or the goats are all in City jails for constant trespassing both public and private properties, decimating City trees against the Mayor’s desire to turn Garowe greener. There are no more smart, car-wall-tree climbing goats in town.

Congratulations are due to the Mayor, Ahmed Said Muse, and Government of Garowe City, for listening to the concerns of residents. We should recognize them for job well done in addressing that particular annoying City problem. We are looking forward to seeing a greener Garowe City soon.

While we are at it, would owners of Garowe City hotels too take the lead and copy the first example set by the City Mayor, to reign the invasion of cats and kittens in their respective restaurants and kitchens.