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For Northwest Regional Aministration (Somaliland), early on, it was seeking a delusional secession and recognition for statehood. Now, with diminishing returns and hitting a dead-end, the delusion turns into hysteria and empty claim of securing some recognition from the most unexpected places like Guinea Conakry, even recognition of Somaliland by municipality of the city of Birmingham in the UK.
The leaders of the Federal Government of Somalia are enjoying with sadistic satisfaction the madness and mental suffering of Somaliland leaders. The victims of this political nightmare are the Somalis in the Regions, whose lives and future were torn apart by lies, indoctrination and false promises of ushering in an independent country called “Somaliland Republic” – a tragedic story of treason and public deception by opportunistic bunch of elitist politicians in Hargeisa, mostly composed of henchmen of the Late Military Dictator, Siyad Barre.
The raging hysterical rhetoric in Hargeisa needs help, not from psychologists and psychatrists, but from spin doctors to calm things down in the Regions.
The recent political noises in Hargeisa, sparked off by ill-advised approach of the FGS to Muse Bihi’s exclusively private trip to Conakry, is a prelude to realization that the solutions to Somali problems lie within Somalis themselves, and no foreign imposition could have a lasting sustainability, even if it could happen in a remote scenario.