ERRIGAVO, May 29, 2019

The derogative political nickname of ’31st” for sub-clan of Harti clan system, Warsengeli, for not being strong supporters of Barre Military Regime (1969-1991), is no longer applicable to the residents of Eastern Sanaag (Bari). Instead, that nickname is aptly and appropriately applicable now to the residents of Sool Region, for failing to defend themselves from the aggression and territorial expansion of their neighbor from Hargeisa side. I agree the main faulty in that lies within Puntland successive administrations, in the first place.

This story has its background in recent Somaliland aggression and military provocations against the residents of Eastern Sanaag, when Puntland Minister of Education, Abdullahi Mohamed Hassan, paying a visit to his native village in Sanaag Bari (Haylan) had come unexpectedly under milirary attack from Hargeisa forces. The security escort of the Minister fought bravely to repulse the provocateurs. Residents in Sanaag also had risen up enmase to defend their turf. The incident resulted in some unfortunate casualties and mutiny of Somaliland soldiers and their defection to Puntland side.

That is a noble example and good lesson for residents of Sool to take cues.

We have to wait and see how Sool would shake off its new political nickname.

(Photo credit: wikipedia)