July 23, 2019

President Said Abdullahi Deni of Puntland has quoted the recent New Times article on Gulf States’ meddling in Somalia’s internal affairs, alleging Qatar, in particular, for carrying out acts of terrorism and murder in Bosaso:

Speaking at the Opening Ceremony of 5th Garowe International Book Fair 2019, the President had requested for investigation to be made into the New York Times daming report on the destabilization of Puntland by a Gulf State, its proxies and saboteurs in coordination with extremists in Somalia.

According to NY Times report, gunmen dressed as fishermen killed the Manager of P&O Ports, Paul Anthony Formosa, in Bosaso a few months ago, while mysterious bomb-blasts were perpetrated in the Port City of Bosaso.

President Deni also spoke about current Puntland issues involving law and order as well as PUNTLAND-FGS relationships and need to mutually respect the federal arrangements, normal inter-government cooperation and norms of accepted channels of communication. He said that Puntland State was ready to do her part in the national bargain in a fair, equitable and respectful manner

The President had declared that his administration was committed to multiparty democratizatioin in Puntland, starting soon with municipal elections.