I watched the statics on Puntland presented at 21st Anniversary Celebration Function 2019 last night. There were serious errors, especially in annual budget projections over the years. I really doubt that the estimate of 72 million annual budget does reflect on reality. I suspect that Puntland Government annual budget conservatively tops up one billion dollars. Past Budget Managers of Puntland Ministry of Finance had had neither the expertise of budget preparation nor transparent manners to produce real budget. They were book-cookers and fraudsters. They were not taking into account millions of dollars looted through all kinds of schemes, aggregate income, budget support through international aid, suplements and Federal Government transfers. No wonder they have now all lost their jobs after twenty years on undeserved key financial positions with the government.

Deni Administration should take immediate steps to address this unexplained financial mismanagement in the State. There is nothing secret about the size of a government budget anywhere in the world, unless there is a looting and financial corruption to cover up as it has been happening in Puntland over many years. Instead, governments often overestimate budgets, not minimize them.

As an example, the ministries of education and health alone receive revenue in the millions of US dollars from international donors. This is has been never reflected in Puntland Annual Budgets. This is true to other departments and agencies as well.

In this regard, the first and most important legislative power of any parliament is the approval or rejection of government budget and making sure it is used as appropriated. Puntland House of Representatives had kept failing in its number one constitutional authority. This is the shameful history of Puntland Parliament.

There were historical errors and false claims by some as well. Those who opposed the creation of Puntland at that time now claim to be its founders. That is because victory has many god-fathers. So be it as long as their opposition to Puntland creation was defeated at the time, and we are here to celebrate that achievement.

( credit: Ancient Somali Coin forwarded by Said Gooshe, PCT).


Waxan qabaa in miisaaniyad-sanadeedka Dawladda Puntland ay ugu yaraan kor udhaafsantahy Hal Balyan. Dhakhliga taakeerada dibedda kasoo gala usugayn dhawr Wasaaradood sida Wasaaradda Caafimaadka, Waxbarashada, shaqaalaha financial institutions -ku taageeraan Dawladda Puntland, dhakhliyada kale ee kala duwan ayaa ka badan miisaaniyeedda la xusay. Waa la garankaraa in Maamulka Cusub ee Deni u baahanyahay wakhti iyo daraasad in arrintaa looga baaraan dego.

La arkidoonee sanadka dambe.