Warsame Digital Media WDM will share articles with those readers, who show interest in the topics and issues we write about. The only way we can measure this show of interest is:

  1. By subscriptions
  2. By comments and interactions
  3. By contributions of information and articles.

We are encouraged by the above readers’ activities. For a number of years WDM has been sharing articles, essays and video clips to groups of internet networks and chat rooms, Meta groups as well as colleagues and individuals. This free sharing of WDM contributions to the development of a free society symbolized by free media as Warsame Digital Media WDM should operate sustainably with the support of our esteemed readers. We are, therefore, doing away passive readers and those, who show no interest in WDM Puntland and national news coverage and debate.

For those, who would like to join WDM, our contact info is

Tel/WhatsApp: +252 90 703 4081
Chief Editor’s email account: ismailwarsame@gmail.com
Annual Subscription Fee is US$37 only.

We thank for your generous support.

Send fee by PayPal at ismail.warsame@yahoo.ca or remit to the following accounts:
a) Sahal +252 90 703 4081
b) eDahab +252 66 679 4548
c) EVCPLUS +252 61 588 388. d) MyCash +252 71 681 4371

Chief Editor,
Garowe, Puntland, Somalia

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