DHAWEEYE or Uber Taxi Service is a very strange phenomenon to Garaad Abdullahi Ali Eed, one of the most respected Tradional Leaders in Puntland. Garaad Eed who is staying in Garowe these days shared his experience
With the new services the other day.

The Garaad wanted to go somewhere in the city in a hurry. He couldn’t wait any longer for his chauffeur- driven vehicle. He decided to take a taxi. His young helper recommended and volunteered to call an Uber service instead. The Garaad couldn’t understand the young lad’s advice, but gave him the go ahead anyways with the call.

Within minutes drove in a nice and luxury medium-sized Salon to pick up the Garaad. A clean and nice looking young man was sitting behind the wheel.

Seeing how young the driver was and conscious of and concerned about his own safety and security, the Garaad had reluctantly boarded the car together with his helper.

Upfront and immediately before he drove off, the Dhaweeye kindly offered a fresh and cold bottle of camel’s milk to the Garaad. Surprised at this unexpected courtsey gesture from the strange driver, the Garaad politely declined the generous offer. The Garaad, however, felt safe and comfortable during his short journey with the new service of DHAWEEYE.

Dhaweeye or Uber service is a very convenient taxi service widely available in all major Puntland cities. There is even DhaweeyeApp downloadable on the Internet. On average, one way ride in Garowe costs $1.5. Waiting time is normally less than 2 minutes.

The Somali word “Dhaweeye” literally means a destination reducer.

Welcome to globalization!





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June 30, 2019

Puntland President, Said Abdullahi Deni, has finally started his first baby steps in governing PUNTLAND State of Somalia, after disappointing several months in office since he got elected in January 2019.

It is was a stiff learning curve for him to understand the extent of mess left by his predecessor and to figure out the complexity of Puntland sub-clan political culture that has been pulling down the State since its establishment in 1998.
To start this journey, he, after a while, had paid a working visit to two important PUNTLAND cities, Port City of Bosaso, the backbone of PUNTLAND economy, and Galkayo, the security bulwark of the State. Now, it was time to address an annoying matter in Puntland, the Dubai P&O – Bosaso Port contract. He had paid a quick private visit to the UAE to takle with the issue. This secret business contract is still surrounded by suspicion and doubt about its contents and contractual conditions. President Deni still has to clear that cloud of mistrust in this deal.
Among the pressing issues of PUNTLAND includes infrastructure, new ports and road network. PUNTLAND is not land-locked as it is blessed with the longest coastline in Africa, being washed by waters of both the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. But, the State of Puntland has become air-locked with no reliable air-transport available despite modernization of its nternational airports in Garowe and Bosaso. That is because Puntland business community lacks behind all the rest of Somalia in their business outlook, entrepreneurship and collective pulling of finance to initiate and move major projects.
President Deni went on a quick travel, perhaps unprepared private visit, to Chinese firms in Peking. The visit and symbolic signing ceremonies were ill-advised to advertise, for the Federal Government and opponents of Puntland got noticed of DENI’S move in China, and according to informed source, they are trying to kill it. Nowadays, everything has to go through Mogadishu in the same way the world financial transactions go via New York City banking Swift codes. Welcome to Farmaajo-Khayre one city-state solution to all Somalia’s problems. Enroute to China via Addis Addis, President Deni managed to secure Fly Ethiopian Airlines deal to relieve Puntland passengers of the burden of driving all the way to and from Hargeisa of Somaliland. People see this here as one big baby step by President Deni. It is a welcome first step move.
Now, President Deni starts other baby steps like appointment of several regional and security officials. But, Puntland public is waiting for real reforms of government bureaucracy, fanance and security sectors, in particular, and creation of independent anti-corruption watch-dogs and legal instruments, and immediate movement towards democratization and multiparty elections. And, by the way, Deni re-election is only possible through multiparty election, if he does a good job in this Puntland Mandate.


Garowe, May 26, 2019

Have you noticed what was happening to the Capital City of Puntland State of Somalia, Garowe, lately?

Well, if you didn’t, then you aren’t giving much thought to a better Capital City.

Where are the loitering, City garbage-eating and nightly noise-making goats? They are either slowly disappearing, perhaps, into the homes of their negligient and lazy owners, or the goats are all in City jails for constant trespassing both public and private properties, decimating City trees against the Mayor’s desire to turn Garowe greener. There are no more smart, car-wall-tree climbing goats in town.

Congratulations are due to the Mayor, Ahmed Said Muse, and Government of Garowe City, for listening to the concerns of residents. We should recognize them for job well done in addressing that particular annoying City problem. We are looking forward to seeing a greener Garowe City soon.

While we are at it, would owners of Garowe City hotels too take the lead and copy the first example set by the City Mayor, to reign the invasion of cats and kittens in their respective restaurants and kitchens.