Those who consider democracy as management of chaos, anarchy and disorderly society, would find absence of pluralism and political parties platforms as even messier.With the lack of ideological grouping, one would rarely see people agreeing on anything political, especially in societies like Somalia, where individualism reigns supreme, an observation I would like to share with you.

Political parties provide organization of ideas and guidelines for debate on common issues of concern.But, that looks now like a long shot for Somalia to have a smooth transition to a multiparty system, where the last attempt on organizing a political party was 50 years ago, and that was put down permanently by a stroke of not the pen, but by a gun-point through a military coup. 21 years of authoritarian system followed that military take-over of Somalia. The next generation of politicians came about with the bitter experience of a totalitarian rule. Many of them tried to copy and rule under the model of yesterday’s dictator, given the difficulty in governing a lawless society post Civil War. They are finding that hard to follow through as they don’t have the organized might of a National Army to crush dissent as General Siyad Barre was doing in the course of 21 years. This is what was happening in Mogadishu, the National Capital of Somalia, since year 2000.And with extremism now becoming a major component of the instability mix, I see now alternative for Somalia to trying pluralism again.The current selection process through clan elders along clan power-sharing formula of 4.5 vs Suudi Yelaxow style of Warlordism now increasingly resembles how to choose bad from worst scenario.

A country still technically in civil war without any attempt to study and address the root causes of the conflict, and now perpetrators and victims are starting life on the same footing to re-build the New Somalia, has a long way to go to a sound self-government again. Where is reconciliation after a civil war taking over 30 years of bloodshed and plunder and displacement of millions?


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