A few days ago the Ordinary Session of Puntland of House Representatives had opened in Garowe, the Capital of the State, in an atmosphere of peace. By Constitution and tradition, the State President opened the Parliament Session.

As usual, invited dignitaries delivered speeches on the occasion. Suddenly, and inconsistently with the Parliament protocols and tradition for any opening session, an MP, Awil Hassan Daad, rose up on the floor with the explicit permission by the Speaker, and asked the President scathing questions. The President answered the MP’s questions, but got annoyed and stormed out of the Session. By the way, the President was not required legally to stay on in the session after he had delivered his opening speech.

Now, legally, an MP can ask a member of the Executive Branch any question in the public interest. In doing so, there is no crime committed that warrant the Attorney General to issue a legal action against the MP for asking the President hard questions. That MP had a question and the Speaker gave him the floor of the House to ask. He must be safe on the floor.

Besides, the House is co-equal branch of the government and couldn’t be silenced by the Executive Branch or Judiciary.

True, protocols and civility matter in their conduct by all branches of government.

In conclusion, people of Puntland badly need independent public institutions. But, that also applies to the Judiciary to avoid being seen as an Executive tool to silence government critics. Equally, people of Puntland will not tolerate their representatives being used and manipulated by external forces against the vital interests of the people of Puntland.


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Ciise Dholowaa contributed to this article providing legal definitions of Parliament Privileges.


October 27, 2019
The Ordinary Session of Puntland House of Representatives opens on schedule. Every peaceful session of the House is a victory and progress for the people and government of Puntland.
Usually, the House Session starts with an Opening Ceremony full of speeches by dignitaries, citations and adoption of legislative agenda of the session. 
What happened yesterday in the Opening Session was out of the ordinary. The Opening Session turned into unscheduled aggressive “question period”. It looked like preemptive strike or ambush by some members of the House against the President. Gentlemen and ladies, it doesn’t work that way.
The Opening Session of the House invites guests, both foreign and local, and it is purely ceremonial for Day One. It is not appropriate for any member of the House to disregard the norms and regulations of the House and turned it into fight with the State President on the first day of the session.
Nevertheless, and under the circumstance, President Deni answered well the member’s provocative questions directly attacking the President  The President, however, seemed to have lost his cool and had stormed out of the Session prematurely and angrily. The President should be the last person to show personal emotions. Yes, he should act in self-defense calmly, appreciative of his position as the Head of the State and Head of the Government. When a President gets annoyed, half of the population gets angry.
Puntland House members should learn the protocols and parliamentarian rules. Question Period is very important to bring the Executive branch into  account, it must be, though, scheduled and properly conducted.

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Garowe, May 24, 2019

People of PUNTLAND are wondering about as they are also dismayed by lack of true political representatives in Mogadishu and Hargeisa.

The SSC Regions don’t express much regrets as they didn’t choose those who are either self-appointed or hand-picked by Hargeisa with a specific purpose to harm the very cause and interests of SSC Regions. That is self-explanatory to most people in the Regions. Tradionally, residents of the SSC Regions had no history of self-government, and had historically always supported the strongman among Darood leadership in Somalia, starting with Sayyid Mohamed Abdullah Hassan of Derwish Movement. Now they are tempted to support Farmaajo, but their delemma is that they don’t see him as a strong leader to bet on.

In the case of Puntland State, we aren’t too sure whether the people of PUNTLAND are aware of the fact that they have neither genuine political representation nor competent spokespersons for the vital interests of Puntland in Mogadishu at all. Some observers said that Puntland had zero influence in Mogadishu, and that is why the obvious and well documented partial and partisan politics of Farmaajo-Khayre Administration has free hand in its systamatic campaigns to purge persons of Puntland origin from the public service of the Federal Government – forget all about power-sharing and taking Puntland into any account in regional balance on power and resources sharing. This political campaign to marginalize Puntland specifically by President Farmaajo to the pleasure of Prime Minister Khayre, is happening under the watch of those presumably was elected to represent the interests of the people of the State of Puntland in conjunction with Somalia’s national objectives. We have authentic reports that some Federal Cabinet Ministers of Puntland origin were even complaining about the presence of some junior civil servants from Puntland federal constituency in various departments of the FGS in Mogadishu. Think about the extent of that failure and irresponsibility. One may not be aware of the fact that the so-called Puntland representives in Mogadishu are locked in Mogadishu hotels, and they are in line, waiting for a call from either Khayre or Farmaajo to settle hotel bills. Federal dipomatic corps, judiciary and finance postings have been made “no go” for persons of Puntland origin. What representation people of Puntland expect from poor hostages in a gangland under the name of Somalia’s Capital City.

Still under these severe conditions, failed Puntland’s representatives operate in petty partisan factions, some acting as if they represent their own parties in sub-clan riddled politics of Puntland of late; some representing the old school when MOD was in power in the heydays of Barre Regime, while others are confused as to where they belong to, still others are there to go along the highest bidder for vote-buying in anti-government parliament motion-prone Mogadishu. Nobody trusts a politician without a principle and one nobody knows what he or she stands for. It is unfortunate situation in politics one may find himself/herself. Hence, the name of political prostitution in political science. These pseudo representatives of Puntland in Mogadishu couldn’t even dare to challenge Federal Minister, Godax Barre, whom everybody knew that he was a minister only by name with no influence over one class-room in Mogadishu, let alone Somalia’s Education Sector, and who still doesn’t understand that the Federal Member States hav exclusive jurisdiction over Education Departments of the states.

It is quite ironic that Somaliland Authorities, who arrest youth and children clad in T-shirts painted in Somali flag, have more staying power, influence over Mogadishu Regime through its unofficial representatives in Mogadishu than Puntland, who considers itself as the main pillar in the re-instatement and reconstruction of the failed state of Somalia.

Political observers had noted that in the case of Puntland representation in Mogadishu, the problem had its roots in the actions of former opportunist ruler and petty despot that had sold out everything dear of Puntland values, leaving behind a mess and a society that had lost hope and vision for the future. That is the challenge the current leaders of Puntland have to meet and fix ASAP.

Puntland’s unlucky representatives within Mogadishu ruling bodies don’t even have the awareness of powerful lobby works by representatives of Northwest Somalia (Somaliland), Southwest State, even Galmudugh.

In the light of the above dire political situation, we recommend that all failed Puntland political representatives in Mogadishu have to tender their resignations enmase and return their Puntland Mandate to the people for another chance to select competent and patriotic persons of higher moral and political standing. Cut the crab and resign all.