October 27, 2019
The Ordinary Session of Puntland House of Representatives opens on schedule. Every peaceful session of the House is a victory and progress for the people and government of Puntland.
Usually, the House Session starts with an Opening Ceremony full of speeches by dignitaries, citations and adoption of legislative agenda of the session. 
What happened yesterday in the Opening Session was out of the ordinary. The Opening Session turned into unscheduled aggressive “question period”. It looked like preemptive strike or ambush by some members of the House against the President. Gentlemen and ladies, it doesn’t work that way.
The Opening Session of the House invites guests, both foreign and local, and it is purely ceremonial for Day One. It is not appropriate for any member of the House to disregard the norms and regulations of the House and turned it into fight with the State President on the first day of the session.
Nevertheless, and under the circumstance, President Deni answered well the member’s provocative questions directly attacking the President  The President, however, seemed to have lost his cool and had stormed out of the Session prematurely and angrily. The President should be the last person to show personal emotions. Yes, he should act in self-defense calmly, appreciative of his position as the Head of the State and Head of the Government. When a President gets annoyed, half of the population gets angry.
Puntland House members should learn the protocols and parliamentarian rules. Question Period is very important to bring the Executive branch into  account, it must be, though, scheduled and properly conducted.

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