Press Release (For Immediate Release)

Friday June 22, 2018.

We, the members of Puntland Focus Group  (PFG), express our deep concern about the on-going attempts and political moneuvering by the current leadership of Puntland Administration to extend its Term in Office in gross violation of the State Constitution.

Puntland Focus Group, conveying the democratic choices and desires of the overwhelming majority of the people of Puntland State of Somalia, appeals to Puntland House of Representatives, Traditional leaders, leaders of the Civil societies, public institutions and media, as well as the International Community, to openly come out and oppose this wanton disregard of the Constitution and infringement of people’s civic rights to choose their next members of the House of Representatives and President on January 8, 2019, when the Mandate of Incumbent Administration duly expires. Any Term Extension of any duration  is unacceptable and unwarranted.  

Puntland Focus Group informs Puntland people and the International Community that the incumbent President’s attempt to unconstitutionally seek an additional mandate is premeditated as he failed to fulfill his 2014 election campaign promises and commitment to democratization and multi-party elections in the year 2019.

The PFG unequivocally calls upon the Incumbent President of Puntland State, Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali (Gaas), not to use the present conflict with Somaliland as a pretext and a cynical ploy to delay Puntland Election in 2019. This would constitute a shameful breach of public trust as it is unlawful. 

Puntland Focus Group reminds all concerned of ample historical evidences in Puntland State, whereby similar unlawful actions or attempts by an out-going President to prolong his term in office had led to civil unrests, violence and destabilization.There are no guarantees this will not happen again. We all have an obligation to forewarn our people of such possibilities by unwisely giving in to abuse of power by the present Puntland Head of the Excutive.

In conclusion, we appeal to the entire population of Puntland State of Somalia to maintain peace and their unity, and, to defend their State patriotically against external and internal security threats.
By PFG members:Cabdi Faarax Saciid (Juxaa)Cabdirisaaq Cabdulahi Jaamac (JanogaleCali Xaaji Warsame Faarax Cali ShireJamiila Saciid MuuseXaji Maxamed Yaasin IsmaaciilCiise Maxamud Faarax (Dhollowaa)Khalif Ciise MudanMaxamud Axmad Xasan (Dhagaweyne)Saciid Cabdullahi DeniDr Maxamed Salaad Qoryooley
Spokesperson Ciise Maxamud Faarax  (Dhollowaa)



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