July 24, 2019

The writing on the wall for Qatar involvement in acts of terrorism and political blackmail has been always there for all to read. Many Western countries were either complicit in Qatar’s unholy activities or looked the other way. All knew Qatar was not only supporting extremist organizations, but also hosting them openly in its own country.

Somali extremists were no different. A number of top former leaders of Somali extremist organisations currently live in Qatar. What is making its historical role now different is that the tiny Gulf State of Qatar is in charge of both the Federal Government of Somalia and extremist organizations – a delicate balancing act that only Qatar knew how to do.

In fact, the recent New York Times article on Qatar and UAE Arab family feuds presently playing out in Somalia is just more of a statement of the fact than making in-depth analysis of Qatar’s new menacing activities in the Horn of Africa with regards to oil exploration, using her influence in major Western oil firms like ENi she holds big shares. ENI is deeply involved in Kenya-Somalia Maritime dispute, which, in turn, indicates Qatar’s role in Kenya’s claim.

Policy positions of Saudia Arabia and UAE towards Qatar’s terrorist activities in the region and beyond are consistent with realities, despite their reactionary governments’ policies too.


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