Book Promotion

Excerpts from the Introduction of the book, Talking Truth to Power in Undemocratic and Tribal Context

Articles of Impeachment

A collection of short political essays, contemporaneously memorializing Somalia’s recent history in an independent critical analysis.

by Ismail H. Warsame, former Chief of Staff at Puntland State Presidency (1998-2004):

This book of four hundred pages is a timely record of political events in Somalia as they are happening or being debated on. The book could be a good source material for students and teachers learning English as a 2nd language in their composition papers and reporting skills. The book could also enlighten foreign diplomats and politicians on current political issues in Somalia, and efforts being made by Somalis to re-instate and re-construct their failed state. The articles in the book are thought provoking as they are fearless to talk truth to power. They have been enjoying wide readership and circulation in the author’s blog. Many readers, however, advised the author to compile them into hard copy.  I have responded to their requests.

The book has appendices of A to K, capturing historic documents on reviving the nation-state of Somalia.

Foreword by Ambassador Mohamed Ahmed Awil, former Somali Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China.