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Free press is a rarity in many countries, including Somalia. What is peculiar in some countries like Somalia is an additional self-censorship in favor of emotional bias involving sectarianism, tribalism and political factionalism.
Warsame Digital Media WDM
( is committed to clear out this clutter and present unbiased and balanced critical analysis on socio-political situation in Somalia and the Sub-region.

These short easays and articles reflect on the best interests of Somalia and entire sub-region. The blog has already sparked off animated intellectual debates on current issues. It brings up new ideas and positive analysis on socio-economic developments in the country. It touches on hot topics of modern Somali history, issues of governance and legacy of Somali Civil War. WDM is engaged in straight forward thinking to call the spade a spade.

We value our readers and deeply appreciate their contributions and comments. We welcome volunteer writers and grateful for their submissions to WDM.

To keep the service going as a free press without fear or favor, however, we need your help with annual subscriptions and donations. You may use any convenient medium of payment of your choice, or simply call +252 90 703 4081, WhatsApp # is +1647 570 5380 and email at for further inquiries.
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