WDM alerts the organizers of Puntland Consultative Conference to be held tomorrow, March 15, 2020, at Puntland State University Conference Hall in Garowe, to get prepared and screen Conference delegates at entry gates for symptoms of contagious diseases, including Coronavirus.

Many delegates are scheduled to arrive Garowe by air from overseas countries, which reportedly, had cases of the infection. They should be thoroughly checked and screened at Puntland airports upon arrival as a matter of health priority.

Medical isolation rooms for possibly affected persons should be in place in town and at airports before the Conference starts.

A contingent of health professionals and security units should be employed to handle this vitally important exercise to protect the entire people of Puntland and Somalia from the pandemic.

The World Health Organisation, WHO, has recently declared the Coronavirus a “Worldwide Pandemic”. Accordingly, Puntland leaders should be considering this issue seriously and take up leadership role to protect the country and population.



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Correction: early edition of this article misstated the venue of the Conference as East Africa University instead of PSU.