August 18, 2019

The most dangerous threats to Somalia’s Federal System are now exclusively coming from:

1. Ahmed Madoobe of Jubaland.

2. N&N of the Federal Government of Somalia, the FGS.

3. Proponents of One City-state in South-Central Somalia, and

4. Confused, ill-informed and unenlightened Somali masses, and unintelligent educated Somalis, who don’t weigh in and appreciate where the country was coming from and at what price spent in coming up with the federal governance arrangement.

There are ample examples and actions, searchable now in the social media and Internet to prove that the above conclusions are valid. The staunchest anti-federalist, however, is Ahmed Mohamed Islaan, Ahmed Madoobe, and so on in that order.

There are multiple video clips of Ahmed Madoobe in the Internet, personally opposing Federalism, while he was still the State President of Jubaland. Make no mistake that Ahmed Madoobe is a dangerous man to peace, elimination of extremists in Jubaland and building of Federal institutions in Somalia.

The International Community and Somali foreign partners are right in demanding transparency and inclusivity for all stakeholders in Jubaland Election 2019.



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