By Ismail Warsame
Opinion Columnist

The story goes that a Somali nomad hailing from Mudugh Region brought a camel to Galkayo market to sell. At camel market, he was offered a price of thousand Shillings. He rejected the offer, saying he wouldn’t sell his camel less than a hundred Shillings. Surprised, the buyer found out that the seller of the camel never handled money more than a hundred Shillings before.

This story resembles today’s obsession of most Somali high ranking officials with the insane pursuit of membership in Somalia’s Federal Parliament.There are ministers at all levels of government, MPs of regional states, regional governors etc, who are desperately campaigning to go to Mogadishu as members of Somalia’s Federal Parliament. Aren’t they all “HASHII BOQOL”?

Until people of Somalia get the opportunity to elect their representative governments, every unqualified Cilmi, Cawaale and Caasha would show up to be an unvetted and unaccountable member of Somalia’s ruling bodies at national and state levels.

Let us eliminate the chance of Hashii Boqol by conducting credible general elections.

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