As a commander of Banadir Region Police Force, Sadiq John did a lot of dirty works for Farmajo and Khayre, the most infamous of which was the attack on the residence of opposition politician, Abdirahman Abdishakur. But, few people knew that Sadiq was an arms dealer for Hassan Ali Khayre, the prime minister of Somalia then. His operating base was Djibouti. This was how President Ismail Omar Ghuelleh noticed Sadiq. Djibouti was deeply involved in these arms shipments to Somalia, according to persons familiar with the story. They said Sadiq was often seen at Djibouti presidency. While there, Djibouti authorities had successfully recruited Sadiq John to carry out subversive political activities against Farmajo Regime in Mogadishu. But, there was one problem: Sadiq had perpetrated a lot of crimes against Hawiye persons, and if he were to sabotage Farmajo Regime, he had had nowhere else to go. From here President Ismail Omar Ghuelleh got on the phone to persuade Hawiye opposition leaders in the Council of Presidential Candidates (CPC), including Abdirahman Abdishakur, to rehabilitate and forgive Sadiq John for his crimes. Having secured these assurances, Sadiq John, in his capacity as Banadir Region Police Commander had prevented Federal Parliament Extraordinary Session from taking place in Mogadishu, and presumably foiled attempt to give Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo a two-year mandate extension. Immediately after this event, Sadiq flew to Djibouti, before returning to Somalia later. Hawiye opposition politicians started showering praise on Sadiq John as a hero. For President Ismail Omar Ghuelleh, it was “mission accomplished”. Sadiq John was offered unchallenged spot in the new Federal Parliament. Meanwhile Djibouti Embassy in Mogadishu was busy providing free Qat sessions everyday to Somali politicians and issuing ordinary and diplomatic passports to them to sabotage and overthrow Farmajo Regime. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has restored police rank to “General” Sadiq John just recently, after he was stripped of his ranks by Farmajo Government in the waning days of the previous regime.

Sadiq John, as an arms dealer working closely with Djibouti authorities, and after he was recruited as a saboteur against his own government, also got introduced to the younger Ghuelleh’s daughter, Ms. Haibado, who was still a controversial divorcee, based on reliable sources.

Finally, a comedy-like Wedding Ceremony in which Somali leaders from Mogadishu and Hargeisa were brought in Djibouti to act and play Ismail Omar Ghuelleh’s music and entertainment for Ms Haibado’s oversized wedding. In performing for Ghuelleh, Muse Bihi Abdi was reduced to a clan elder, who he put aside his efforts towards “Somaliland” recognition to play the role of Haibado’s “Uncle”, while Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was seen enjoying the welfare bashing of Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo by vengeful Ismail Omar Ghuelleh. For now, let us not talk about the other political agenda of this “Exclusive Club”, the House of “Irir”.

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