By a Staff Reporter

September 24, 2019

In Mogadishu, hundreds of thousands of its “New Residents” had lost their lives; same number got maimed and disabled; equal number needs social and medical rehabilitation; huge number became hardened criminals beyond rehabilitation; a large portion of youth under the spell of drug-addiction; unaccountable size of people are living in squatters; almost everyone occupies illegal public or private property; an estimated number leads lives of predatory businessmen and businesswomen; visible number of the population are NGO- foreign agents; guest-workers; stray-politicians of Farmaajo-type; first-time new prime ministers of Khayre stock and hostages of circumstances as members of Parliament, all boosting up Mogadishu to remain the Capital City of the 2nd Republic of Somalia.

It is a town suffering from coup de grace on daily basis by dark forces of suspicious nature, blaming on and using a worn-out cliche: Extremist bomb-blasts and assassinations happening there to explain, but in reality, unknown who is carrying out these crimes in Mogadishu.

On the top of that burden, thousands of foreigners are in town to fight for the scramble and fight for the spoils of Somalia.

Welcome to a town desperately looking for salvation from unitary city-state governance of 1960s. Could that happen again? Wishful thinking.


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