Garowe, September 5, 2020

Have you ever asked yourself why it has been a daunting task to put Somalia back on its feet again? Obviously, there are as factors and reasons as anyone with an opinion could think of.  First of all, I think that a nation is built on national aspirations with commitment based on self-confidence and collective sacrifices. In other words, in the absence of public self-confidence and trust among the members of the society,  it would be difficult, if not impossible, to build a sustainable nation-state.
There was  a tipping-point or turning-point, so to speak, for this national malice in Somalia kicking in and developing roots in the Somalia’s popular psyche. It was during the rise of 1990 Manifesto Group of Elders and their open permission to foreign influence and meddling in the internal politics of Somalia, and refusal of Siyad Barre to listen and compromise in the best interest of his country. Since then, Somalis had lost trust in each other, condemning themselves to perpetual interference of foreign powers in their internal deliberations. The result is that the Somali character had developed split-personalities – One suspicious for his fellow countryman and one receptive for his foreign interlocutor. Shinning example of the subject is happening now before your eyes in Mogadishu with US Ambassador Donald Yamamoto arms-twisting the so-called Somali leaders; EU keeping up financial pressure on them and IGAD faithfully serving their financial pay-masters on AMISOM project. Think about it: These foreign diplomats are talking to the Somali leaders on how to resolve Somali problems! Think of an independent nation-state!?

Many of us are too tired to keep reminding Somalis of the indispensable need for genuine national reconciliation as a first priority in recreating Somalia. Doing the same policy mistakes and wrong priorities over and over again would keep the likes of President Farmaajo in perpetual vicious circles. It is not too late yet, though, to rethink Somalia.

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