It is a long way to the road to democracy for clans to establish a functioning modern state, for tribal society is still in the primative stage of human develoment. As such, Somalis are still incapable of keeping up with regimes, standards and legal frameworks to pursue settled existence, and not knowing yet human and property rights. Under this rudimentary and early stages of human civilization, understanding sense of justice is stillborn, therefore savagery plays prominent within the general public, nominal and artificial institutions of supposedly to be a local or national government. The dystopian theory of Soviet Marxist leaders that certain feudal societies could by-pass capitalism to jump to socialism, using the experience of Soviet Union applies here: You cannot build a modern democratic state out of still primative nomadic tribes, whose members couldn’t know the difference between what is theirs and what isn’t. Think of what they could share publicly and protect it collectively?

A system of constitutional monarchy would bring stability to the fluid and volatile clansmen, until they learn discipline and the rules of the road on peaceful coexistence with one’s neighbors. For Somalis, it may take centuries to arrive at that phase of human growth. At moment, they only understand the rule of strongman and his inherent power abuses. They love “Madax-Ka-Nool” ( One-man Rule).

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