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NOT appointing a prime minister, even not withstanding the constitutional and traditional imperatives, is consistent with President Farmaajo’s wrong-headed political thought that Somalia’s federal arrangement is an inconvenience to his tinpot dictatorship tendency; he desperately needs to wrest executive powers from the Cabinet. By appointing a care-taker Prime Minister, he believes he has expanded his presidential powers to have the ultimate say in executive decision-making process in direct violation of the Federal Constitution.

By arbitrarily delaying the implemention of this constitutional mandate to appoint the Head of the government, he also thinks that he is strengthening his negotiating cards with the heads of the FMSs and associated clans desirous of securing PM post under traditional clan rivalry.

Despite the above, perhaps on an educated guess, or critical analysis, the appointment of a new prime minister would put many people off balance within Somalia’s body politic, which could turn the limited public relation skills of the President in disarray, and therefore unable to address the ensuing clan upheavals at this critical moment of political loggerheads and gridlocks in Somalia’s governance.  This is a fear factor on the part of the President observers would have to take into account.

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