There was a debate among friends last night over tea on how to resolve the impending confrontation and potential for violence in Puntland Port-city of Bosaso, a dangerous situation that went out of control twice already. The issue here involves two government forces, one acting as renegade with the blessings of traditional elders in Bari Region opposed to the rule of President Said Abdullahi Deni. Since titled elders in Puntland are divided and bickering along political lines due to prolonged absence of democratization in the State, there is diminishing returns to find compromise in conflict resolution.

Observers believe that President Deni and elders are on collusion course as all possibilities of negotiated settlement is unlikely to occur, given the environment of mistrust between two opposing centers now posed for potential outbreak of violence in a port-city constituting the backbone of the economy and commercial activities of Puntland State of Somalia.

Other colleagues in the debate, Warsame Digital Media WDM, among them, suggest to convene an all inclusive congress to deliberate on what went wrong in stability, good governance and progress of the State. Despite the pressing need to hold such important gathering, Puntland Administration seems not to understand the gravity of the time-bomb that could explode anytime with far-reaching consequences for Puntland self-government. The circumstance resembles a scenario when an English man once said “Wherever God builds a house of prayer, the devil erects a chapel there, and it has been found upon examination that the devil has the biggest congregation”. There are always elements within the society engaged in ill-wish for the people of Puntland. Let us all think about finding lasting solution to this unfortunate political and security situation.

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