Contents of Warsame Digital Media WDM are the most reliable critical analysis and commentaries on Somalia’s current affairs, based on independent observers outside subscribers. Why don’t you get connected to this free media? Supporting competent independent media is part and parcel of resolving governance problems in this troubled country.

In another take,

Warsame Digital Media is notifying all our subscribers, who didn’t submit their Annual Subscription Fees yet, that we are about to close the books for the year. Kindly send your fees before being cut off from the network.

Warsame Digital Media podcasts and articles are now by subscription only.
Please use Sahal or Taaj to send WDM your Annual subscription Fee of US $37. You can send send it to 252 90 703 4081. You can also pay at PayPal at using credit or debit cards as you can also use Amal MyCash at 252 71 681 4371 under Warsame Digital Media.

Please send us your WhatsApp number so that you all receive WDM articles and podcasts directly to your phone on the go.

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