DHAWEEYE or Uber Taxi Service is a very strange phenomenon to Garaad Abdullahi Ali Eed, one of the most respected Tradional Leaders in Puntland. Garaad Eed who is staying in Garowe these days shared his experience with the new services the other day.

The Garaad wanted to go somewhere in the city in a hurry. He couldn’t wait any longer for his chauffeur- driven vehicle. He decided to take a taxi. His young helper recommended and volunteered to call an Uber service instead. The Garaad couldn’t understand the lad’s advice, but gave him the go ahead anyways with the call.

Within minutes drove in a nice and luxury medium-sized Salon to pick up the Garaad. A clean and nice looking young man was sitting behind the wheel.

Seeing how young the driver was and conscious of and concerned about his own safety and security, the Garaad had reluctantly boarded the car together with his helper.

Upfront and immediately before he drove off, the Dhaweeye kindly offered a fresh and cold bottle of camel’s milk to the Garaad. Surprised at this unexpected courtsey gesture from the strange driver, the Garaad politely declined the generous offer. The Garaad, however, felt safe and comfortable during his short journey with the new service of DHAWEEYE.

Dhaweeye or Uber service is a very convenient taxi service widely available in all major Puntland cities. There is even DhaweeyeApp downloadable on the Internet.

Welcome to globalization!

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