Federal Education Minister, Godax, has just again added insult to an injury by trying to bend the Federal Constitution to his whims and wishes of the “Daladaha Waxbarashada Muqdisha” ( Mogadishu Private Education umbrellas). By attempting this, he is dismissing outright all the provisions of the Federal Constitution that the Federal states are responsible for education and other social services in their respective states. He now turns against Puntland State Education Ministry for refusing to play ball with him in his abusive game

to grab the constitutional authorities of the federal states. That won’t fly with Puntland, he should be better advised.This is travesty of justice, fair play and normal administration. A shameless abuse of position of authority and privilege and total disregard of national interest to self-appoint oneself as the chairman of a national commission and office assistants as secretary-general and secretary, and to subject Somali student population to the whims and exams of conmen disguised as education merchants. Allah save Somalia and Somalis from own traders of misery and despair.


There are two approaches to problem solving:
  1. To whine and complain about the existence of a problem, leading to doing nothing about it.
  2. To think positive and look for solutions leading to taking concrete action.
The 2nd approach involves in defining objective or desired outcome, case study, compiling alternative solutions and carrying out concrete steps or actions to reach that defined objective.
The 1st approach is associated with the circles of debate or arm-chair fighting (Fadhi-ku-Kudirir in Somali).
The 2nd approach comes from the circle of influence planning for taking real action to solve an existing problem instead of complaining about it.
I noticed that most Somalis belong to the circles of debate. Most existing problems in the country don’t get resolved because of that attitude to problem solving.

But, please take note that when debating on issues and trying to solve problems, there will be always conflicts of ideas. Management of these conflicts is key here.


Can a deeply corrupt society be reformed? Niccolo Machiavelli, the late Italian political philosopher and author of the book, “The Prince”, believes that nothing short of revolution and radical approach could save a nation as corrupt as Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya, among others.

In the case of Puntland State of Somalia, corruption is now inbedded deeply in all spheres of life in the society that nothing less than a radical administrative clean-up can save Puntland from implosion and collapse.

To do that, the first step is tackling with corruption in the sectors of security and finance, moving steadily to house-cleaning in others as well. Make way to forming a small and lean administration by doing away all duplicating and redundant agencies and ministries in the process of radical reform before democratic elections.

The 2nd step is to embark upon the democratization process now, not in few years’ time down the road during this mandate. NOW!