Federal Education Minister, Godax, has just again added insult to an injury by trying to bend the Federal Constitution to his whims and wishes of the “Daladaha Waxbarashada Muqdisha” ( Mogadishu Private Education umbrellas). By attempting this, he is dismissing outright all the provisions of the Federal Constitution that the Federal states are responsible for education and other social services in their respective states. He now turns against Puntland State Education Ministry for refusing to play ball with him in his abusive game

to grab the constitutional authorities of the federal states. That won’t fly with Puntland, he should be better advised.This is travesty of justice, fair play and normal administration. A shameless abuse of position of authority and privilege and total disregard of national interest to self-appoint oneself as the chairman of a national commission and office assistants as secretary-general and secretary, and to subject Somali student population to the whims and exams of conmen disguised as education merchants. Allah save Somalia and Somalis from own traders of misery and despair.