By now the President should have in place a major reform package for the State’s suffocating and duplicating bureaucracy. By now the President must have shown his vision as to where he would take Puntland State. By now the President must have committed himself and his administration to a democratization process as the old clan POWER-SHARING arrangement had hit the dead-end and should be discontinued. By now the President should have inspired the people of Puntland for renewal of hope and revitalization of socio-economic life in this part of Somalia. By now the President should have cleared the confusion surrounding on how to move forward in terms of cooperation between Puntland and its international partners. By now the President should have studied the dubious P&O and DP WORLD Bosaso contract and clarified Puntland position on whether to revise the infamous contract or discard it all together. Puntlanders had never seen or shown publicly this suspicious Bosaso Port Deal with the UAE ambitious and aggressive firm, the P&O. The President needs to hire a team of highly experienced business and civil contract lawyers to look into this contract with P&O. And by the way, does President Deni have seen that contract? Nobody in Puntland, including the previous members of House of Representatives ( the Parliament), who corruptedly approved the deal, had reported seeing it.

We see only slow piecemeal steps and occasional visits to various departments in Garowe, but no meaningful announcements or significant undertakings on the part of Deni Administration until to-date. If there is something you know, please share it with us.
By tradition, Puntlanders are extremely patient to wait and give chance to any Puntland incoming administration, but they are anxious this time around to see bold steps and tangible results from President Deni.
Too much time spent on a learning curve indicates the President is not yet ready to govern and would waste the first year of his administration as the 100 days measured in sizing up the President without achieving any major item of his election platform.
Puntlanders’ eyes are on the President to deliver the goods and quickly.
And one final thing: leadership doesn’t operate in the dark. It is about openess or transparency and public guideness.


Would you do business and invest in risk and unstable country even if this is your own land and you are a patriot?

You would say, yes. Mogadishu is the best example where bomb-blasts and quick bucks go hand in hand. Kkkkk
This is the field called risk management enterprises where the types of Blackwater Security firm thrives and business predators take advantage of. Certainly selling contraband goods and services worth the risk of getting rich overnight.
One story I had read somewhere still keeps popping up in my mind. During the 2nd World War, Hitler Regime was engaged in the “Final Solution” in which Jews and other vulnerable minorities were targeted. Nazis were harvesting hairs, skin tattoos and gold teeth cappings from the exterminated. When that was happening in Hitler Europe, some American businessmen got together then to discuss the possibility of providing know-how and equipment to Hitler to do a better job in that regard. It is obvious that some businessmen are so immoral and risk their lives to do anything that brings them huge profit margins like those in Mogadishu.
In the case of Puntland, the commercial cities of Bosaso and Galkayo are economically depressed because of worsening security situation and risk business environment. Unless that urgent issue is quickly addressed, Puntland economy is up for collapse.


Puntlanders seek medical help beyond the State. Why? You would be surprised to find out the main reason behind hundreds of Puntlanders routinely traveling to Mogadishu and Hargeisa for their personal medical care.

It is simply unchecked and run-away corruption in the heath department, whereby health management personnel and health professionals are engaged in massive embezzelment of donated funds and medicine for private business profit. The dire situation reminds one of Somali aid workers selling donated relief food in the black markets in Mogadishu in the height of Ogaden War refugee crisis after the war of 1977-78.
This is the reason why successive Puntland administrations couldn’t build a minimum one or two decent qualified hospitals in the State. Mind you, health professionals are in abundance in Puntland – there is no shortage of doctors, but they take the lead from the Health Ministry to indulge in predatory practices and inhumane greed.
The Ministry of Health comes next to Puntland Ministry of Finance in creating millionaires busy in constructing mansions and villas in Garowe and Nairobi with illegally acquired funds. You would say, this an exaggeration. Make credible enquiries yourself about the serious misuse of resources in these two Puntland Ministries.
President Deni New Administration has daunting tasks to fix this mess.