In Mogadishu, the capital, one would note a fledgling government in operation with Villa Somalia 🇸🇴 receiving foreign dignitaries, rudimentary public institutions taking shape, world diplomatic community bringing their credentials to a Somali President. Federal Member States seem to be recovering from the onslaught of Farmajo regime and Houses of Parliament, the Upper House, in particular, has gained constitutional recognition following the fall of Nabad & Nolol anti-federalism campaign.

Despite population pessimism and cynicism that things are getting worse, one could say that there is a light at end of the tunnel that Somalia’s better days are ahead and coming up.

Somalia shares some problems with the rest of world like high energy prices and shortages of food and bottle-necks in supply chain. Severe drought is the most concern now due to failure of successive rainy seasons, combined with centuries old poor management of livestock resources and uninnovative nomadic existence of the bulk of Somalia’s population. Environmental degradation is one of the biggest calamities Somalia faces today. It is mostly man-made and partially out of ignorance and lack of protection. This has to change.

Absence of work ethics and lack of understanding of putting work hours into everyone’s daily business is another chronic issue in the way towards progress in this country. Trying to short-cut required hard work is another critical issue. Encouraging and learning the skills needed here for Somalia’s self-reliance is fatally absent. Somalia has become a Gulf state without the power of petro-dollar in terms of native population’s disability to fully participate in nation-building. Here national leadership to inspire the nation into reaching new heights towards progress is badly needed.

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