4.5 Somali Clan Power-Sharing Formula was a temporary political arrangement for the allocation and distribution of delegates among then Warring Factions of Somalia to the National Peace Reconciliation Congresses in an attempt to re-institute the failed Central State of Somalia. It was never meant to perpetuate injustice and never meant to use it as a system of governance in Somalia. At that time there was no alternative to sending symbolically representative delegates to the reconciliation national conferences being held in exile. 4.5 Formula was to be discontinued after the successful formation of the Transitional Federal Government in 2004. A National Reconciliation Conference with a series of bench-marks for implementation was to be held and the nation would move to hold a general election. That plan was to finish with the temporary political arrangement of 4.5.

To try to perpetuate it today would be one of the biggest disservices to an already broken nation.



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