November 22, 2019

It had been said by security experts and relevant academics that if you want to break down a nation and deterimentally harm its social fabric, you don’t necessarily need to engage in shooting or hot war. It is easier and less expensive to penetrate into its institutions and discredit its core values and cement divisions and discord among its constituencies (people, political parties, religious and ideological groups etc). This is what was happening in the USA with the successful intelligence operation of Putin’s Russia. Why? Because mainly Russia wants to revenge on the leading role of USA in the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Russian intelligence and political strategists took advantage of USA partisan politics to create a false narative for then Republic candidate Trump and President Trump that the Democrats were subverting and undermining Trump by funding the infamous Steele’s Dossier on Trump and allegedly his long relationships with Russian mafia and oligarchs in his real estate business. Mr. Steele was the British MI5 intelligence officer, who compiled the Dossier on Trump interactions with Russian personalities.

According to all in the know, including intelligence community, Russian government operatives had meddled into US 2016 election to help Trump win. All researched facts had proved the validity of Russian interference. Most of his campaign associates went to jail. Others in his administration might follow to serve long prison terms, when the dust settles on his Impeachment Inquiry, and after the US elections in November 2020.

President Trump couldn’t shake off the popular impression that he was an illegitimate president as he was also incompetent to handle the affairs of the Republic. To counter that, he resorted to vicious twitter campaign of disinformation, false alternative narative and character assassination of anybody who comes his way. He had invented “Fake News” slogan to discredit US mainstream media.

This Impeachment Inquiry is a break for Democrats, following the less than satisfactory Mueller Report that failed to show clearly Collusion and Coordination between 2016 Trump Election Campaign and Russian operatives, although Special Prosecutor, Rovert Mueller, had found multiple instances of abuse of power and obstruction of justice on the part of Trump. The President got away with his misconducts because of his man in the person of US Attorney General Bill Bar, who had successfully watered down the Mueller Report, against the dismay of many.

To win re-election in 2020, President Trump has been trying to utilyze a strategy similar to 2016 election by enlisting a foreign power again, this time, Ukraine, into opening an investigation into his political rival, Joe Biden, former US Vice president and Democratic Party front-runner 2020 election. He smeared and removed long serving and anti-corruption US Ambassador in Ukraine, Marie Yovanovich. in the attempt. He had created a shadow foreign policy team to do his dirt work in Ukraine, and had put on hold a Congress-appropriated military assistance and an important White House visit by the newly elected president of Ukraine, Mr. Zelensky. He got caught, however, this time around, by a group of dedicated civil servants within his administration and outcry that followed with the removal of US Ambassador in Kiev. Ukraine is at war with Russian supported separatists in eastern part of the country. Russia also had annexed Ukrainian Cremea in the Black Sea.

Mr Trump and his staunch Republic colleagues are still propagating Russian intelligence misinformation and discredited narrative that Ukraine, not Russian, meddled into US 2016 Election to help Hillary Clinton win. This was a debunked narative that Russia still promotes to push America into disarray and disunity. It has been succeeding so far.

But, don’t get it wrong. US successive governments have been doing these Russian intelligence and subversive games against weaker nations for many years, including assassinations of its perceived and real enemies, overthrowing governments, toppling national leaders, installing and protecting their stooges in power.

If Trump is impeached, any outcome would depend on the Senate Majority, which is Republican that is unlikely to convict Donald Trump and remove him from him office before the election in November next year.

What goes around, comes around.


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