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Three decades on to break away from the Motherland, and Northwest Regions of Somalia has hit the wall and reached the dead-end of no international recognition.

From Somaliland perspective, the world is unfair to them. From the perspective of international community, recognizing “Somaliland state” would amount to opening a Pandora Box for licensing unending breakup of present day nation-states. From Somalia’s perspective, the Act of Union of 1960 is a sacred document that couldn’t be violated by unilateral declaration of separation of any part of the Federal Republic. Only legitimate means through negotiated settlement of the issue, followed by a national referredum could technically revoke the Act of the Union. No Somali politicians could unravel that national binding historic document.

Now, what, where do we go from here?

Few options are worth contemplating.

Start with congratulations to all Somalis on the day they had succeeded in raising their national flag over the skies of Hargeisa for the first time in history.
Advise the Administration in the Northwest Regions to come to its sense and denounce secession. Let the Regions prepare for accepting Federal Member Status.
Advise the politicians there to have the foresight of avoiding disorganized break-up, disintegration and disarray of the Northwest Administration.
Advise people of the Northwest Regions to be wary of misleading statements and disinformation by unscrupulous local politicians.
Advise them to discontinue and desist local clan conflicts and fostering hatred among local population.
Advise them to facilitate free movement of people, goods and ideas all across Somalia.
But, today, let us mark the Occasion of June 26, together.

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