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June 29, 2019
Unproductive, uncreative and lazy folks look forward everyday for an afternoon chat to listen to city gossips at tea and caffe shops. This is particularly true to the bulk of men in Africa and Middle East. No wonder they remain backward and had been frozen in time and space for centuries.
While those who live in Western hemisphere and in the so-called Asian Economic Tigers are too tired to have time and energy left for the day after hard work from morning till late in the afternoon. They do their lazy hobbies and leisure only in the days they are off work. So, as routine, they rush home after long working hours to catch up with what needs their attention before they retire to bed to recuperate energy for next day’s productive work. No wonder they are advanced and powerful as peoples and as nations.

On my own experience, I do recall a true story. My engineering colleague, Mohamed Xabashi, and I went to UK for industrial training on sugar production and technology some years back. At the time, we were both employees of Juba Sugar Project JSP at Mareerey in Lower Juba Region of Somalia.

While we were in training in different cities of England, Mohamed never woke up in the morning until late. He missed many hours of training. Our trainers didn’t like Mohamed being late all the time. One day in Derby in Midland England, where the Rolls Royce engines are manufactured too, Ms. Cook, the supervisor of the factory, asked Mohamed why he was being late for the training every morning. Mohamed’s response surprised everybody. He said, “I came from the City of Harar in Ogaden Region of Ethiopia. Harar men don’t work. They only chew chat and produce kids. Harar woman works for the man and family”. Ms Cook was taken aback a bit. But, the English men present started asking Mohamed how could they get hold of Harar wives, to the embarrassment of Ms. Cook. It was hilarious.

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June 29, 2019

Condolences to the Family of Mohamed Qanyare Afrax.

I knew Mohamed Qanyare as a political heavy weight, among South Central warlords of Somalia. He used to say at Somali National Peace and Reconciliation Processes that “every man should be allowed to have a say equal to the sizes of his guns and width of their barrels”

Mr Afrax led a warlord/political coalition of anti-Hirab, another loose warlord/political confederation of Habar-Gedir and Mudulood. He always felt vulnerable and threatened by Hirab’s possible conspiracy against his Murursade clan. He alone had been challenging Hirab hegemony in Mogadishu throughtout the course of the Civil War – the same political threat Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre is feeling now in Mogadishu.

To confront real and perceived security threats, he had managed to establish a strong militia base in Daniile quarters of Mogadishu with a well-ran airstrip connecting his fiefdom to East Africa and beyond. Later, he was the head of the CIA -funded Mogadishu warlord organization,

The Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism,

supposedly fighting terrorism and the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC), but at the same time opposing the TFG of Somalia that was then just created in 2004, and in which he was also a member, together with his other warlord colleagues.

This is how the USA Intelligence Services in their “War on Terrorism” had messed up Somalia’s File once again.

Mr. Afrax was a shrewd businessman and smart negotiator.

He will be missed by residents of Daniile, his friends and colleagues in Puntland as well