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Garowe, May 16, 2019

Rainfall in Somalia always causes water and food carried diseases. That is because hygiene rules are not predominantly observed here and huge breedding of flies after rain is the main culprit in the spread of stomach sickness and other health complications.

Given the history of such occurrences, it was expected on the part of local authorities, health departments and local city councils to engage in hygiene projects for public awareness, on the top of carrying out cleaning campaigns in towns.

There are no health inspections in restaurants and city hotels and no health certificate requirement for hospitality industries. Waiters and hotel staff are not screened for contagious diseases like HIV AIDS and Hepatitis. Drainage and sewage system is almost non-existent here. It is a dangerous world.

There are many residents of Garowe, Galkayo and Bosaso, who are now suffering from water and food born stomach diseases.

Despite such epidemic outbreaks of ailments, the public authorities concerned are not only passive, but they are silent and don’t even acknowledge the existence of the public health problem.

We recommend to people to offen wash their hands, eat cooked and hot food and drink boiled or bottled water.

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Golaha Wakiillada Puntland ayaa isku badelay Gole Degaan ee degmada Garowe ee Gobolka Nugaal.

Liiska ka hadashay furitaanka Golaha Wakiillada shalay, June 15, 2019, waxay ku bilaabatay sidaan, aayadaha Qur’anka kadib:

Guddoomiyaha Degmada Garowe

Guddoomiyaha Gobolka Nugaal

Islaan Ciise Islaan Maxamed

Madaxweyne Abdirahman Faroole

Furitaanka Golaha Wakiillada waxaa loo balamay 8:00 subaxnimo. Guddoomiyaha Golaha Wakiiladu wuxuu yimi 9.30. Madaxweynuhu 10:00.


Waxaa durba bilaabatay olale doorasho Madaxweyne cusub iyo moshin lagu tuurayo Guddoomka Golaha Wakiillada.

Murashaxxa Madaxweyne ee haatan soo shaacbaxay waa Guddoomiyaha Aaran Jaan, Maxamuud Shido, marka lagu guuleysto cayrinta Madaxweyne Deni.


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