This is to notify to Ismail Warsame Blog readers that we are now accepting both annual and per single article subscriptions via Sahal at +252 90 703 4081, besides secure payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.



Kindly send your email/or WhatsApp account or contact info with your payments to receive your subscription timely.



Annual subscription is US $37 and per article access costs from US$3 -5. Annual subscribers will get a special password good for one year, starting the date of subscription.



This Blog readers in Somaliland can too send their subscriptions at e-dahab +252 66 679 4375



With pleasure to serve you with talk truth to power.



Thank you,



Postscript: Members of the business community could send their well prepared and media-friendly flyer Ads to the blog. Rates are subject to negotiation, but glad to inform all that the first ad is free for everyone. Please take advantage of this opportunity.


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