Mogadishu, June 3, 2019

Noisy and vocal Somali opposition we hear around and see in the social media these days is farfetched from being an alternative leadership in 2020. Most figures in the existing list among the opposition are known and have track records of abuses of authority and mismanagement while they were in office. Some face allegations of treason and disloyalty to the vital national interests of Somalia. They have never been accused of competency and sound management of national affairs. Many don’t even stand for the interests of the constituencies they claim to belong to, although, there is always undertone of clannism in their opposition to Farmajo and Khayre Administration. They are on their own individually.

Somalis have no any patience or love left for losers and under-achievers of yesterday. They better not waste people’s time.

We need real leadership to appear on the political scene for real change whom we can trust that they would break from past malfeasance.

Mediocrity in Somali politics has to be buried for good. To dig this country out of the deep hole, We, the People of Somalia, are searching for competent, uncompromised, untainted by corruption and mismanagement and visionary leaders.




  1. I don’t agree the criticism towards President Farmaajo and PM Khayire’s government. They have been handling the affairs of Somalia ways different from the earlier regimes and lack violence. And their ipolicy is to change the mindset of the people and to harmonize their relationships.

    Therefore, that is doesn’t mean they are underperforming. they have applied and implemented more gentle methodology to change the mind a set of the people.
    However, I am sure many political villains and economical gangs operating in Somalia are not happy about these “soft skills policy” using by the current Federal Government of Somalia.


    1. Zahra, please read the editorial again. The editorial is about comparative analysis of the current leadership and its opposition, in which Farmaajo and Khayre come up at top.


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