Garowe, June 2, 2019

Politics of marginalization of Jews in Germany didn’t work for the Fuhrer (Hitler). It didn’t work for the Military Junta of Siyad Barre. It is not working for Donald Trump against Muslims in America. It will not work either for Ahmed Madoobe or Farnaajo. That is because, historically, the politics of division and dark conspiracy against certain segments of the citizenship eventually ends up in spectacular fiasco and defeat.

Ungrateful for what Puntland had done in order to re-instate the failed state of Somalia, successive transitional regimes of Mogadishu were trying to marginalize Puntland. They tried to ignore the fact, however, that no matter how hard they try to effect their ill-wish, people of Puntland have staying power to overcome any political obstacles in the way to take the lead for better Somalia.

President Farmaajo, indoctrinated and brain-washed by the marginalization propaganda spun out during the heydays of the Junta, even tried to distance himself from members of Marehan sub-clans to give him room for consolidation of power within Hawie first, thus trying to deflect the image of Siyad Barre, even decorating Villa Somalia with the portrait of Former President, Aden Abdulle Osman (RIP), a pseudo-Hawie late politician of lower clan-lineage.

Ahmed Madoobe of Jubaland, deceived by the fallacy of the strength of Ras Gambooni Brigade, Kenyan AMISOM/KDF presence in Kismayo and his false perception that the Ogadens number more than all other Somalis put together, had ignored the political rights and represention of traditional Harti residents of Kismayo.

Thinking that he had successfully neuralized the Harti historical groupings of multiple un-related sub-clans in Jubaland (Marehan,Bajun, Galjecel, Shiikhaal and others, all coming under Harti Law, Xeer Harti, Ogadens not included based on 1925 Treaty between Harti and Ogaden, as Ogadens were limited from Afmadow), he now perceives that Farmaajo Regime in Mogadishu and Marehans are in his way to get re-elected.

Would political marginalization work for him this time? Let us wait and see.



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