The Struggle For Federalism In Somalia

Five Turning Points in the Fight for Federalism in Somalia:

1.  Salbalaar (USC-SNA) led by Hussein Farah Aydid, and Ali Mahdi Mohamed of USC-SSA had to accept SSDF proposal and insistence that Somalia would not return to “One City-State”. It happened in Cairo in 1997 before the collapse of the Somali Talks due to the withdrawal of Abdullahi Yusuf and General Gabyoy from the Conference.

2.  Formation of Puntland State of Somalia in 1998 was the First Pillar of a Federal Republic of Somalia.

3.  Embagathi Somali Conference in Kenya took more than two years to conclude because of resistance from anti-Federalist forces- the fight finally ending up with a Federalist Charter and Transitional Federal Government in 2004.

4. The bitter struggle for the Formation of Jubaland State of Somalia was another major turning point, and I would add, a tipping point, for the realization of Federalism in the country.

5. Galmudugh Project now being promoted and financed by anti-Federalist forces in Mogadishu with the intention to re-ignite regional hostilities with Puntland State will be a desperate and the final attempt to de-rail the Constitutional Frame-work Somalis had agreed to to end the Civil War.

Puntland State of Somalia and Supporters of Federal Somalia need new breed of leaders to move this struggle forward.

By Ismail Haji Warsame


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