Human lives and Somalia had no meaning for Ali Mahdi Mohamed.

The Alternative To “New NN Policy”

By Abdifahid Yassin, Garowe, Puntland.

Flash back to Ismail’ old post (Banadir Political fallacy, Sept 2, 2019) that reflected Hawiye/Banadir Region’s political dominance as being serious obstacle to any national unity, reiterating it as Somalia’s political failure was very true and the “New NN Policy” noticed that obstacle now. My response to that post then, in which I recommended Mudug politicians to take the lead, was also true in its essence that these people and their strategic position in Somalia, have what it takes to move Somalia to a new level. The New NN policy in the plan now is to have a Mudug politician, particularly hailing from Galkaio as the new PM to spearhead its political agenda. What I also would like is that “the would-be PM” forms his new cabinet that too include a minister (Internal Affairs) from Galkaio, who is decently influential, not corrupt and has the leverage to reconnect and act as bridge between Puntland and the Federal Government. I hope the “New NN PM with solid consultations with the President will do the right steps to ensure that Galkaio gets the right politician that will not only lead it into political stability but also support its planned mega projects that will eventually pave the way it to be the next potential Capital City of Somalia

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In the first picture, they are from left: Abdullahi Dhere, Abdirahman Aideed Dabdable, Abdullahi Yusuf, Dr Hassan Ali Mire and Abdukadir Isbarije.

In the 2nd photo, they are from left: Abdirahman Ashkir Gurac (Bolonyo), a Libyan military expert, Abdirizak Omar Haji, Abdullahi Haji Elmi, Abdullahi Yusuf and a picture that look like Dahir Mire Jibril, who is still the only alive.




Xafiiska Madaxweynaha Office of the President

January 15, 2004

Mr. Gary Quince,

Acting Chair, SACB Executive and

Head of European Commission Delegation for Kenya and Somalia,

Nairobi, Kenya.

Dear Mr. Quince,

RE: Northern Somalia Political Conflict

I refer to your letter of January 12, 2004 and the preceding SACB Press Release dated January 8, 2004, relating to the conflict in Northern Somalia. Thank you for the SACB/EC expression of deep concern on the current tension along the Border of Puntland State of Somalia and the Northwestern Regions of Somalia.

It is particularly distressing that this situation had to develop when there is crippling and prolonged drought in the areas concerned. It is also unfortunate that the stability so jealously guarded and the relative progress achieved with much sacrifice in these zones are now endangered. However, the SACB understanding and recognition of the “sensitivity and complexity of the issues involved” as well as their expressed concern are much appreciated.

The SACB and EC Delegation are, no doubt, aware of the frequent representations Puntland has been making to the successive Northwestern Administrations of Mr. Abdirahman Tuur, Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Egal and Mr. Kahin since 1992, proposing to them effective dialogue on regional cooperation, including security, trade, cross-border humanitarian activities and peaceful resolution to political differences between the two Administrations. On numerous occasions during the same period, we requested the international community to use their good offices to support such dialogue. Regrettably, the only responses from the Northwest Administrations were insults and provocations, which we chose to ignore. The international community also ignored our pleas and instead seemed to encourage the Northern Secessionists in their wayward behaviour.

The Puntland Administration has always exercised tremendous restraint and will continue to do everything possible on its part to normalise the situation despite the continued provocation and threats, hoping the international community will prevail on the Northwestern Administration to do likewise.

Please be assured of my State Government’s commitment to peaceful, just and democratic resolution to the conflict on the Sool and Sanaag Regions. We would welcome international community mediation at anytime and at anywhere neutral. I must clearly state, however, that while Puntland will not be the one to start an offensive act, it will defend itself if attacked.

With the assurances of my highest consideration and cooperation,

Yours sincerely,

Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed

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AYA Memo Escalating Conflict in Somalia’s Northern Regions


Could you tell which of the above statements by Mahdi and Deni respectively reflect on reality in today’s New World Order, and why?

Hint: Mahdi’s statement is defensive reaction to international partners’ criticism regarding the dismissal of Prime Minister Khayre, while Deni’s acknowledge the inter-dependence of the world community and role of IC in continuing to help Somalia recover after most recent political shake-up in Mogadishu.

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By Abdihafid Yassin

I thought Kheyre was share [a] holder and NN government was based on tripartite agreement between the three top officials. I sense now that NN is nothing but one man’s company and the other two guys (Farmajo & Kheyre) plus head of the parliament, Mursal are running the company. While Farmajo and Mursal were close and obedient servants to the owner of the comapany, “Fahad”, Kheyre sow himself with magnifying glasses and thought he could stablish his own kingdom and escape from the tight clinch of his owner, but that ended in a classical Hollywood pre-emptive plot fashion. I wouldn’t surprise this may happen to Farmajo or even the likes of “Fahad Yassin” if they ever try the usual Somali’s way of shifting alliance between warring super powers with their subordinates when they feel uneasy from their dictating policies. Any one who closely observes the current political moves by NN in its foreign policy of confronting against traditional ally, Egypt and forming allience with traditiona enemy, Ethiopia, coupled with its surprising internal politics which Somalis nowadays dubbed it sarcastically as “Intii la yaqaanay wa la isla dhaafay” politics, which literally means, “it is out of our control”, will surely understand the bigger picture of Somalia’s political status quo getting changed strategically in general and tactically NN politics in particular. One may speak out his pride and say Somalia is sovereign state and it took its independence from Italy in 1960. Well, that is true formally, but frankly, Somalia entered another form of colonialism which doesn’t rely more on booties on the ground, but intelligence control of the ellite minds. Any top official fired be it PM or President shall go without any trouble making or cousing political scuffles that may ultimately bring the situation into standstill or total collapse of government system. Well, somalis don’t deserve better than this deal. Below, are the former political status quo in Somalia.
1- Two enemy neigbors that were adamant to divide somalia between them selves
2- Warring clan leaders with ties to these two enemies and had their sycophants each, that too were adamant to topple the other. In this situation, it is clear, If they are left to themselves, they won’t bring down their fragile government but surely will destroy each other to the bone and join to nearby enemy willingly. It is in the interest of Somalis that East Africa is driven by politics that is outside of its hand in general and somalis manage their internal politics( without noise) in particular. Well, who are these masterminds that control of our politics?
With USA undergoing financial crisis due its continuous interventions in world politics at country levels, giving chance to China and Russia to flourish, now adapted [to a] different strategy of delegating Africa to Turkey and arab puppets to manage while preparing itself to face the bigger threats from China and Russia


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Muqdisho,Luuliyo 25, 2020: Madaxweynaha JFS Mudane Maxamed Cabdullaahi Farmaajo ayaa wareegto Madaxweyne ugu igmaday Mudane Mahdi Maxamed Guuleed (Khadar) oo ahaa Ra’iisul Wasaare Ku-xigeenka Xukuumadda Federaalka Soomaaliya sii socodsiinta iyo maareynta howlaha Golaha Xukuumadda si kumeel gaar ah.

Wareegtada Madaxweynaha ayaa ku saleysan in aanu hakad gelin qorsheyaasha dowlad-dhiska iyo horumarinta dalkeenna tan iyo inta Madaxweynuhu uu ka soo magacaabayo Ra’iisul Wasaare soo dhisaya Xukaamad tayo leh oo sii dardargelisa xaqiijinta yididiillada shacabka Soomaaliyeed.

Laga bilaabo faafintan, sida uu qabo Dastuurka Kumeel-gaarka ah waxa uu Kusime Ra’iisul Wasaare Mudane Mahdi Maxamed Guuleed (Khadar) awood u yeelanayaa hagidda hawlaha xukuumadda inta laga soo buuxinayo xilka Wasiirka Koowaad ee Xukuumadda Federaalka Soomaaliya.

Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda ayaa adkeeyay in ay dalka ka dhacayso doorasho waqtigeeda ku qabsoonta oo lagu wada qanacsan yahay, waafaqsanna Dastuurka iyo Sharciga Doorashooyinka dalka iyo in Dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya ay ka go’an tahay ka shaqeynta qodobadii ku soo baxay war-murtiyeedkii Dhuusamareeb iyada oo shirka xiga loo ballansan yahay 15ka Ogoosto 2020.

Wixii faahfaahin ah, fadlan kala xiriir
Xafiiska Warfaafinta & Xiriirka Warbaahinta,
Madaxtooyada Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka Soomaaliya
Twitter: @TheVillaSomalia



Prime Minister Khayre has nearly finished his term in office, almost four years of his mandate. That means the President, who appointed him, shares all responsibilities with his PM for waiting too long to remove a failing head of government. Now, the dismissal of PM Khayre doesn’t absolve President Farmaajo of his abysmal failure of his four-year completed mandate. Allowing Farmaajo to still cling to power after this incompetence and under-performance is nuts and a recipe for more disasters. He, too, must go.

True, PM Khayre was as divisive as Farmaajo as they were anti-federalists, and therefore, anti-Constitutionalists as well. They have together sealed their fate in downfall. Let them go hand-in-hand into oblivion.


Somalia International Partners’ Joint Statement following Dhusamareb FGS-FMS Meeting
Mogadishu, 24 July 2020 – Somalia’s international partners* hope that the important meeting between Somalia’s Federal Government (FGS) and Federal Members States (FMS) leaders in Dhusamareb represents the long-awaited resumption of constructive collaboration between the FGS and the FMS leaders.
The partners welcome the leaders’ decision to form a technical committee to work out election modalities for the 2020 national elections. As the committee’s work moves forward, broad-based agreement among Somali stakeholders will be necessary. The partners reiterate that the electoral process must move the country away from selection processes and toward direct elections, as codified in the Provisional Federal Constitution. International partners therefore urge all Somali stakeholders to pursue their efforts quickly to attain these objectives and keep the country on a stable political path, in the interests of the Somali people.
In addition to the electoral model, international partners also urge Somali leaders to agree on a plan to implement other aspects of Somali democratic reform, including the Constitutional Review, the formation of a multiparty democracy and creation of a functional Judicial Services Commission, Human Rights Commission, and Constitutional Court. They also underscore the need to ensure that candidates, parties, women, youth, minority communities and the media across the country can express themselves freely, especially during the election period.
*African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, European Union, France, Germany, Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States, and the United Nations


Dayton Accord on Yugoslavia Bosnia- Herzegovina in 1995 was extracted under secrecy, arms-twisting and total news blackout in the US town of Dayton.

It includes, among other prohibitions, bringing parties into a room, ordering news blackout, restricting media efforts to cover news, making maximum humiliation for the members of entourage below the rank of heads of the delegations, who are kept in the dark.

With President Farmaajo, there is no public transparency of state affairs. Here is what happened in Garowe too in May 2019 Meeting.

Garowe, 8, 2019

“Democracy dies in the darkness”

GAROWE talks between the leaders of Somali Central Government and member states of the Federal Government have been taking place at Puntland Presidency for several days now in complete and unprecented secrecy. The nation doesn’t have a clue on what is being discussed on its behalf.

Leaders at talks had even excluded their own members of respective delegations from the talks. The talks are off-limit to senior political advisors and experts. No lawyers or economists are available or needed there. It is a gathering of laymen as leaders of a nation in trouble, where fundamental issues of nation-building are being deliberated with no inputs from subject matter experts. It is a gathering where knowledge, experience on statecraft and history are not required. It turned out to be a few laymen in closed door session. It is suspicious and worrisome to the members of the general public. It is unsettling to the members of various delegations to Garowe Meeting from Mogadishu, Kismayo, Baydhaba, DusaMareb and Jowhar as well as members at all levels of Puntland Government.

Local and international Media outlets are being kept in the dark. Nobody knows what is being cooked up in a secret room in Puntland Presidency. The entire Somali nation is shut off to follow the progress or even the agenda of the GAROWE Meeting. The talks look like board-room bargaining, debating on how to divide and share stocks among some wealthy traders. Positive outcome expected from this secret meeting, therefore, is as good as micromort.

It doesn’t sound right. We demand the right to know what is being debated on our behalf as a nation. We demand daily briefing of what is being discussed at Garowe Gathering.



This article has been updated.

Are Somalis aware of the fact that the international Community, including Somalia’s neighbors had learned the soft belly of the people of Somalia; that they are divided along clan and tribal lines; that clans are mutually self-destructive by nature; that in the eyes of IC Somalia’s handlers, none of them represents Somalia’s common interests; that each of them speaks only for their respective tribes; and that weakness should be exploited fully to cement still further clan divisions and mutually self-annihilation; and that way they should be prevented from coming together to build a nation-state?
I doubt very much that Somalis will ever discover the secret to their permanent weakness and perils to their very survival in the Horn of Africa, and as important human species in the world upon current trend of lasting self-destructive existence, which they led for centuries.

Colonial powers of Europe discovered this weakness of the Somalis in the Somali culture and exploited it. Now the world has dramatically changed since then, and more nations are discovering this secret too in their search for more resources and new strategic rich spots of the globe.

Their 2nd fatal weakness is TARIQA wars (religious sectarianism) that too had helped colonial masters conquer, divide and rule Somalis and Somalia.

Add to this, the deep mistrust, among Somali clans that had been created by a vicious civil war without any attempt at meaningful national reconciliation efforts. How would you learn from past mistakes and abuses, if you aren’t willing to study them and correct them never to repeat them?

Without studying the underlining causes of Somalia’s state failure and addressing them faithfully, expect no mercy from history to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

One could argue that the Federal Member States are too, tribal. Yes, but they are more manageable than hundreds of clans and sub-clans all engaged in rivalry and mutual self-destruction; after all, this could be a temporary arrangement that may or not fade away.

Have your say.


The agenda of such meeting should be setup in amicable fashion to express a tone of goodwill, friendship and in cooperative spirit. The agenda would start with news briefs by the Federal President in transparent, declassified only to leaders of the FMSs, and with solicitation for regional support for the efforts and operations of the FGS. This approach would break the logjam and release political tensions. This would be followed by briefs from the state leaders. Brief discussions on important policy options and responsibility- sharing would conclude the first part of the agenda, after which a lunch break would follow this confidence building session. The rest of the agenda would resume after a nice lunch together and informal chat.

To start the hard part of the agenda, all possible options must be put on the table in the form of relaxed and sincere approach for collective decision-making and in amicable brainstorming to look into possible resolutions of the issues and problems. Every idea proposal by anyone should be encouraged and improved in non-confrontational way.

Such platforms in any setting would likely produce positive results. Avoid dry and formal scripting of agenda in an atomoshere of political tension. There must be collective ownership of the issues and problems.


This article has been updated.

Election 1P1V is ruled out in Somalia for foreseeable future as time and resources have been wasted or squandered during the course of four-year term of the FGS. The alternative is one of remaining two inconvenient options: Extention of term mandates for the Federal Institutions or devising other modalities of indirect elections.

The first option is very tough due to resistance from Puntland and Jubaland states. The 2nd option is more likely to occur.

Farmaajo and Khayre will try to persuade the Presidents of Federal Member States to agree to an extension of one-two year’s period. Puntland and Jubaland would oppose outright. Horse trading will would start in which Farmaajo would recognize Ahmed Madoobe as the legitimate President of Jubaland to finish his full term. If Madoobe accepts Farmaajo’ offer, Puntland would be isolated. President of Puntland would have a few bitter options left. The stakes here are high for Puntland.

WDM recommends to President Said Abdullahi Deni to avoid unilateral decision under these difficult circumstances, but instead, to rush back home for full consultation with his constituencies.

PS. Note in the picture, flags of FMS were removed in the meeting hall as if FMS don’t exist as another level of the FGS.

Covid Medical Kit Required at Home

  1. Paracetamol
  2. Betadine for mouthwash and gargle
  3. Vitamin C and D3
  4. B complex
  5. Vapour+ capsules for steam
  6. Oximeter
  7. Oxygen cylinder (for emergency only)
  8. arogya Setu app
    10.Breathing Exercises

Covid Three stages:

  1. Covid only in nose – recovery time is half a day. (Steam inhaling), vitamin C. Usually no fever. Asymptomatic.
  2. Covid in throat – sore throat, recovery time 1 day (hot water gargle, warm water to drink, if temp then paracetamol. Vitamin C, Bcomplex. If severe than antibiotic.
  3. Covid in lungs- coughing and breathlessness 4 to 5 days. (Vitamin C, B complex, hot water gargle, oximeter, paracetamol, cylinder if severe, lot of liquid required, deep breathing exercise.

Stage when to approach hospital:
Monitor the oxygen level. If it goes near 43 (normal 98-100) then you need oxygen cylinder. If available at home, then no hospital else admit.

Medicines that are taken in isolation hospitals

  1. Vitamin C-1000
  2. Vitamin E (E)
  3. From (10 to 11) hours, sitting in the sunshine for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Egg meal once ..
  5. We take a rest / sleep a minimum of 7-8 hours
  6. We drink 1.5 liters of water daily
  7. All meals should be warm (not cold).
    And that’s all we do in the hospital to strengthen the immune system Note that the pH of coronavirus varies from 5.5 to 8.5 Therefore, all we have to do to eliminate the virus is to consume more alkaline foods above the acidity level of the virus.
    Such as :
    Green lemon – 9.9 pH
    Yellow Lemon – 8.2 pH
    Avocado – 15.6 pH
  • Garlic – 13.2 pH
  • Mango – 8.7 pH
  • Tangerine – 8.5 pH
  • Pineapple – 12.7 pH
  • Watercress – 22.7 pH
  • Oranges – 9.2 pH How to know that you are infected with corona virus?
  1. Itchy throat
  2. Dry throat
  3. Dry cough
  4. High temperature
  5. Shortness of breath
  6. Loss of smell ….
    And lemon with warm water eliminates the virus at the beginning before reaching the lungs … Do not keep this information to yourself. Provide it to all your family and friends.

Contagious Political Deadlock Syndrome (CPDS)

By Abdihafid Yassin Hussein, Garowe, Puntland.

Contagious Political Deadlock Syndrome (CPDS) occurs as result of years of dictatorship and iron fist rule. The Modus Operandi of these dictators is to divide and rule with intention to target its political opponents by regional entity, ethnicity or clan to oppress them. The impact often is catastrophic and leaves behind an irreversible psychological damage. The political elites of the oppressed political opponents come into conclusions that dictates to free themselves from the grip of their oppressors and stablish their own political identity. Both situations serve well for colonial agendas; 1- Creating dictators for certain societies so that you manage them with help of dictators 2- When those societies get free from their dictators, it is very hard they come back together again and form unitary government, hence, end up divided, fragmented and easily controllable society. In this respect, you see CPDS pattern of governance across nations that experienced brutal dictatorship rule. Below are countries experiencing CPDS now
1- Somalia
2- Ethiopia
3- Sudan (in the process)
4- [Eritrea] (in the near future)
5- Djibouti (in the near future)
There is one country that experienced brutal civil war and survived from CPDS pattern of governance though. It is Rwanda with its long visioned leader. What is the way out of this contagious political deadlock syndrome? Well, there are strictly 3 ways available options and here they are:

1- Leadership that brings them together
2- Total break up [from the past]
3- Powerfu[l] forces that bring them together again


This article has been updated.

Leaders of Somalia at all levels of the government, except the Federal President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, and Puntland prominent traditional leadership, are currently in Garowe, the state capital of Puntland, to mourn collectively the passing away of important public figures of the nation- the late Puntland Vice-president, Mohamed Abdi Hashi, and late TNG Prime Minister, Hassan Abshir Farah. It is rare to see them together, unless someone dies, which means someone’s death and tragedy are more important to them than the vital interest or salvation of the entire country of Somalia. They couldn’t agree on a single common approach to resolving the existential Somalia’s problems of statecraft, and even, on issues of the very survival of their nation. It is the irony and paradox of Somali politics lately, a public mistrust that disappears momentarily upon someone’s death, and re-starts upon burial of the body. How you would fathom this strange behavior? What is more important than the unity, wellbeing and survival of a nation? What is the natural death of a single person in comparison with the continued existence of a nation-state at stake?
It seems to me that, in order to keep Somali leaders engaged and to maintain them together, one public figure among them has to pass away occasionally. It is a strange phenomenon of Somalis today.

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Watch “Trump Crossed A Very Important Line With Attack Filled Rose Garden Speech | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC” on YouTube

President Donald Trump is melting down. If Americans couldn’t see and notice that he got that desperate, good luck and tough love to them.


June 28, 2019 Never re-elect a political leader is a Somali Doctrine and our contribution to the world of politics and political culture. The Doctrine is an exercise of democracy stretched to the maximum possible. It is consistent with George Orwellian famous quote that diapers and political leaders should be changed. However, the Somali phenomenon […]



When you fail to take the lead in a crisis situation, someone else would eventually step in to fill the leadership vacuum. That is exactly what has happened in DusaMareeb FMS Meeting, GalMudugh, Somalia, in the past few days, when the Federal Member States took the initiative to break Somalia’s current governance impasse. 

The problem lies in Farmaajo-Khayre fundamental policy of dismantling the Federal Institutions (FIs) and Constitutional Structures (CSs). It is a political problem of their own making by ignoring socio-economic realities in Somalia and the legacy of vicious civil war of 1980s-2000s. President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo never understood that Federalism in Somalia came about as a defacto rather than dejure, following the War and inherent loss of public trust in common central institutions. The so decentralized regions of Somalia were waiting for the establishment of a re-negotiated FIs to restore public trust in government again. President Farmaajo, not only had failed in that regard, but also worked hard to dismantle the modest gains of the people in creating the 2nd Republic of Somalia. Like his predecessors, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, he had underestimated the strengths of that federal arrangements.


Holding of #UN_sponsored meeting between leaders of Somalia’s #FMS (Federal Member States) in #DusaMareb, #Mudugh, came as last compromise resort to break deadlock in Somalia’s political movement as a result of Farmaajo-Khayre mishandling of Somali affairs. Who wins here?


  1. Col Pilot Cabdullahi Shiikh Maxamed -(Somali Airforce). Majeerteen/Cumar Maxamuud.
  2. Col Axmed Muuse Cali Koor- (Somali Army). Majeerteen/Cumar Maxamuud
  3. Cali Shire Farey – (Somali Airlines) Majeerteen/ reer Maxamuud.
  4. Elji Cabdullahi Warsame – (Gaadiidka.) Majeerteen/Cumar Maxamuud.
  5. Isbaktore Cabdulqadir Muuse Dhaloole.- (Somali army). Majeerteen/Cumar Maxamuud.
  6. Isbaktore Cabdi-Batuun. (Somali Army) Majeerteen/Cumar Maxamuud.


Mogadishu, July 1, 2020

President Mohamed Abdullahi FARMAAJO of Somalia is extremely committed to his own re-election to a 2nd term as the next Resident of Villa Somalia in poorly scheduled and ill-prepared National Election of 20/21, with national consensus yet to occur – in fact, time to hold such elections is running out already. He intends to achieve this by any means necessary, including gross violation of the Federal Constitution, dismantling of Federal Institutions and state structures. The latest serious manifestation of his illegal and unconstitutional activities to get re-elected is the manufacture of 13-Senate Seats for Banadir Region (ten seats more than the constitutionally provisioned like any other region of the 18 regions in Somalia).

According to reliable sources, because of the outcry and political fallout resulting from illegal insertion of “13 New Banadir Senators” into the Upper Chamber, the Senate would be expanded further to a 100 Senate Chamber to accommodate grievances from regions and Federal Member States.  Would this work out? The last chance to work out a modicum of agreement on 20/21 Electoral Prcocess depends on a potential meeting between FARMAAJO Government, Federal Member States and Banadir Region. It is unlikely that, if that meeting is finally held, it will end up without acrimony. The International Community working with Somalia is as confused as it incompetent, only taking its cues from equally incompetent and compromised NIEC Director, Halima Yarey, a chairperson sitting on the electoral process for more than a decade without a movement.

Federal Parliament seats would be moved and shuffled around like a domino pieces from one constituency to another, based on political loyalty and expediency for FARMAAJO re-election.

According to persons in the know, FARMAAJO,  the President, Hassan Ali Khayre, the Prime Minister and Fahad Yassin Haji Dahir, the Director of National Intelligence, are now wildly engaged in scorch-earth campaign of Farmaajo re-election with the Gulf-state of Qatar being readied to fund Farmaajo re-election once again. According to these reliable news sources, nothing is sacred for Farmaajo to sure re-election. His re-election would be the highest manifestations of corruption, election fraud and criminality yet in the political history of Somalia, with, unashamedly, collusion with foreign powers.

Would President Farmaajo beat the odds of Somali Political Doctrine (No 2nd Chance in Politics)?


Mogadishu, June 27, 2020

Gross violation of the Clan Power Balance has just occurred in Mogadishu for the first time since the fall of Somalia’s Central Authority in 1991. A dangerous line has been crossed.

This unprecedented breach of the Federal Constitution as well, is happening under the watch of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo.

It was General Mohamed Siyad Barre of the same sub-clan of Marehan, who overthrew the democratically elected government of Somalia in 1969. Barre’s Military Government had led Somalia’s ruin and state failure.

To rebuild from the ashes of the Civil War, Somalia’s faction leaders had agreed upon an equalizing clan power-sharing formula of 4.5 (four big clans and minorities in Somalia), and in order to protect minority rights until one-person-one-vote is conducted.

The insertion of additional 13 New Senators from Banadir clans into Somalia’s Upper House is a crude violation of the Federal Constitution and accords reached by Somalis to end the Civil War.

By this Act, Mogadishu declares itself a tribal enclave and clan fox-hole, not fit to be a Capital City of Somalia and the Seat of the Federal Government.

To salvage the Federal Institutions and Federal Government from irreversible collapse, the Federal Member States must immediately recall their representatives from Mogadishu for urgent consultations.


During the course of the Somali National Peace and Reconciliation Conference 2002-2004, famously known as the “Mbagati Congerence”, from which the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia had emerged, Hawiye Warlords demanded extra delegates to the Conference in disregard of 4.5 Clan Formula. This demand was fully rejected then by the rest of Somali clans and representatives of the International Community. These warlords were Osman Ali Atto, Mohamed Qanyare Afrah, Sudi Yalaxow, Omar Finish, among others. This violation under President Farmaajo Government should also be immediately rejected.



Most Somalis seem not to evaluate what has transpired in Djibouti just a few days ago. It wasn’t a secret that the only obstacle to Somaliland recognition was how to bring Somalia to IGAD negotiation table to address Somaliland’s grievances, cessation or other arrangements that could satisfy Somaliland.

Now they did, the process of re-negotiating the Act of Union of 1960 has just started. That is the goal Somaliland has been working hard for years to achieve.

Puntland, Jubaland and other Federal Member States aren’t considered stakeholders under Farmaajo-Bihi negotiations on the auspices of IGAD/AU through the regional leaders of Ethiopia and Djibouti with the heavy lifting of USA pressure and its diplomatic arms twisting. Here only Mogadishu and Hargeisa decides on what secession, federation or confederation would look like as a final product.

These negotiations, excluding Federal Member States, are already happening with full participations of IGAD/AU through Ethiopia and Djibouti as well as Representatives of the UN, EU and League of Arab States.


Dead men neither talk nor defend themselves. So is the Late President of Somalia to respond to the contents of the article.
To set the record straight, President Abdullahi Yusuf had sour political and diplomatic relations with the leaders of Ethiopia, especially with Foreign Minister, Ato Seyoum Mesfin, since 2000-2008.There were a number of issues they didn’t see eye to eye, among them, Arta Somali National Conference of 2000 in Djibouti and Puntland destabilization instigated by Ismail Omar Guelph and Abdulqassim Government. Minister Mesfin wasn’t then happy with the election of TFG President, Abdullahi Yusuf. Mesfin utilized his policy disagreements with Late Yusuf to turn the rest of Ethiopian leadership against President Abdullahi Yusuf.
Despite animosity between the two men, proponents of Ethiopian Foreign policy on Somalia believed that a leader hailing from Darood clan couldn’t do much in the way of pacifying Hawiye sub-clan system in Mogadishu. Recall CRDP DIGEST Article on Hassan Sheikh Mohamud re-election campaign with full Ethiopian support. They were very disappointed to see President Farmaajo elected overwhelmingly in Mogadishu.
Ethiopian subversion against Abdullahi Yusuf had reached a point of no return. They had mobilized IGAD, which is iself synonimous to Ethiopian foreign policy arm, soliciting for support of USA and European Union in isolating and finally compelling Abdullahi Yusuf to resign. Abdullahi Yusuf decided to resign honorably instead, on his own terms.
The author of the article, Mr. President: End the Wild Goose Chase Abdirashid Hashi, published in, should be tempted to explain the behaviors of and activities by Ethiopian military and diplomatic officers in Mogadishu to undermine the President and TFG that led finally to the expulsion of Ethiopian Ambassador, Ato Shawal, and Col. Gabre from Mogadishu then by Abdullahi Yusuf. These Ethiopian personnel of the occupation forces in Mogadishu weren’t only corrupt, but also they cut a devil’s deal with all elements of Mogadishu destabilization, including anti-Government merchants and sympathizers of Al-Shabab. That Ethiopian policy ended up making divisions withing TFG leadership, TFP, Prime Minister Nur Cadde and Deputy-Prime Minister Ahmed Abdisalam.
European Union diplomats with the help of Ethiopian influence turned around USA diplomats in convincing talking to the so-called “Islamist Moderates” of the Union of Islamic Courts against its “hardliners”. Enter Sheikh Sharif.
Like Ethiopia, the USA Government and its diplomatic Corp never understood Somalia beyond hearing Somalia had territorial disputes with its neighborhood. If history was of any guide, USA would prefer the policy option of Somalia swallowed by Ethiopia as its hegemon client state in the Horn of Africa.This Ethiopian foreign policy failure and humiliating military defeat in the hands of Al-Shabab militants led to the removal of the entire Ethiopian Policy Team and Military Command on Somalia. Foreign Minister Mesfin, the 2nd in Command of TPLF after Melez Zenawi, and his advisor, Dr. Tekade Allemu, were posted as Ethiopian Ambassadors to China and UN Representative respectively. The remnants of the occupation forces were compelled to retreat from Somalia. They were withrown not because of their own wishes, but because of the military reversals they suffered in Mogadishu.Current Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abyi Ahmed, was a member of that territorial expanist regime, in-charge of Ethiopian security sector.Read Hashi’s Article here.