Yesterday it was Jubaland Administration to confront and withstand the tribal agenda of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud (HSM). Today it is Puntland Federal member to stop him carrying out Mogadishu power grab, proving to all that his political slogan “Somalia in peace within itself and with the rest of the world” was an empty phrase and deception designed to buy time before he unleashes his despotic and destructive demons against peaceful development of Somalia, its institution-building and collective approaches to Somalia’s governance. HSM’s confrontational style of governance is unraveling the hard-won gains of Somalia’s devolution of power. Already he dismantled the Executive Powers of the Cabinet and turned the Parliament into either disabled or rubber-stamp to have any say in important national affairs, while in the process he has been exercising maximum levels of nepotism, cronyism and marginalization. To know more, please read this recent article below:


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