Any unelected City Council is subject to a summary dismissal for whatever reasons or excuses. Only elected officials would make sense in Puntland State from now on. Puntland political stagnation also lies in unelected district councils, unresponsive to the needs of residents, running the show for far too long. They usually serve the interests of those who appointed them. As long as they are doing their boss’s bidding, they are safe in their unearned public positions. If you notice someone being removed, it isn’t about job performance, but about disalignment with the politics of those who hired them. It isn’t often job related.

But, now there is an awareness by many progressives of the State that Puntland has come to a dead end to continue business as usual. Politicians now see the writing on the wall. It becomes obvious to them that, even if they barely succeed in taking over Puntland presidency to exercise one man show prerogatives like in the past, year after year it is increasingly becoming difficult to govern the State. Puntland political stagnation turned everyone to a cynic and suspicious towards politicians, especially those in positions of power. Nepotism, cronyism and despotism have become the style of Puntland governance, and as a result, the culture and political traditions of the State.

The only way out of the political quagmire is radical reform of the system through free and fair elections. Initially, it will be hard to implement elections because of the inertia of the decaying system and reluctance of the residents to embrace change. Democracy needs to take roots in the society, eventually becoming a way of life and ordinary. But, you will never succeed if you don’t try the experiement hard enough and get committed to realizing the democratic principle of one person one vote. So, let us move on to democratization. It provides more job security and public confidence for all, including Puntland District Councils.

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