Warsame Digital Media WDM is a volunteer digital news outlet and critical analyst on current affairs of Somalia, the region of Horn of Africa and wider international community. Although WDM is a volunteer, subscription-based and independent media, and has captured the imagination of readers worldwide, it is still under-performing due to absence of required capabilities in equipment, transportation, data collection and adequate volunteer writers. We don’t pay salaries. Everyone at WDM is a volunteer. We don’t accept donations or funds from state actors to safeguard WDM editorial independence. We deliver our media coverage without fear or favor. We represent a new dawn in media independence in Somalia. We need your support and encouragement from all those who care for freedom of thought and expression, if you would like, freedom of publication of all that make sense and worthy of reporting in a transparent manner, as well as exposing malpractice in public services.

Here is what WDM needs from you as donators and fund-raisers:

1. Two efficient 4-wheel Drive vehicles for transportation, travel across regions of Puntland for information and data gathering for WDM reporting and media coverage.

2. Three high speed laptops and corresponding accessories.

3. Three sets of video recorders and cameras, high quality, high definition media cameras, and accessories.

4. One hundred thousand dollars to be used for travel expenses, petty-cash for volunteer writers/contributors and cameramen, and their bonuses. This would be good for three years.

5. The above is one-time investment save the Annual Subscription Fees of $37.

We publish this appeal for assistance because we believe in transparency in what we do here in Wasame Digital Media WDM.

Thank you,

Our contact info:

Tel/Sahal/WhatsApp: +252 90 703 4081; EVCPLUS: +252 61 588 388; MyCash :+252 71 681 4371

PayPal Account: ismail.warsame@yahoo.ca

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